LYN and LYN INFINITE proudly introduce 8 new fragrances, enhancing charm and elegance for every style

Friday 09 February 2024 11:12
LYN proudly presents the latest perfume collection for 2024. These 8 meticulously crafted fragrances are designed to showcase individuality and narrate unique stories, catering to the diverse styles and personas of the contemporary woman. Encased in exquisite glass bottles, the perfume embodies an iconic square shape that draws inspiration from timeless and classic design principles. This aesthetic resonance mirrors the identity of LYN, symbolizing enduring elegance and refinement.
LYN and LYN INFINITE proudly introduce 8 new fragrances, enhancing charm and elegance for every style

Start with LYN's first 4 signature fragrances, a versatile everyday scent suitable for both casual relaxation and special dates, enhancing the irresistible radiance of every wearer. LYN BLOOM, an olfactory feast that evokes happiness with its rich blend of berries and fruity raspberry top notes that seamlessly transitions into a heart note of rose and a base note of sandalwood. This is followed by LYN LOVE, a manifestation of passionate love in the form of a perfume. Opening with the sweet and luscious aroma of pear and juicy apple, a mild and pleasant rose unfolds in the heart note, ending with a seductive rose scent in the base note. Another bestseller is LYN SWEET, a fragrance that embodies the memories of a vibrant, youthful woman. Its core note is a delightful combination of apple, peony and the innocent charm of lily of the valley, with a base note of seductively sexy musk. Finally, LYN DUSK is a refreshing fragrance enlivened by the tangy allure of mandarin and the subtle yet sublime presence of pink pepper.

Last but not least for the new 4 addition of LYN INFINITE perfume collection. 4 fragrances designed for the universal essence of women - from stylish simplicity and seductive sensuality to strong independence and charismatic confidence. Each fragrance is effortlessly practical and gives you confidence for everyday life. LYN INFINITE ENCHANTED was created for the stylish, ordinary woman who embraces everyday happiness. The fragrance opens with a hint of feminine lilac and delicious fruity notes backed by a soft rose. LYN INFINITE SEDUCTION embodies the allure of a sexy woman with irresistible lychee and sensual raspberry, complemented by the soft essence of rose, peony and a hint of strong, sweet praline. LYN INFINITE GIGI is a must-have in the collection and symbolizes strength and independence. The top note consists of blackcurrant, enlivened by sensual flowers with a subtle hint of ylang-ylang. Finally, LYN INFINITE DEBUT, a symbol of charismatic self-confidence, opens with top notes of blackcurrant, modest rose and a fruity heart over a backdrop of an enigmatic woody scent.

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LYN and LYN INFINITE proudly introduce 8 new fragrances, enhancing charm and elegance for every style