Krungsri collaborates with Zeroboard to enhance greenhouse gas emissions data management in pursuit of its carbon neutrality goal

Friday 09 February 2024 13:48
Krungsri (Bank of Ayudhya PCL) is advancing towards its goal of carbon neutrality by partnering with Zeroboard, a Japanese startup. The partnership aims to enhance the management of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data and measure the organizational carbon footprint using advanced cloud technology. This underscores Krungsri's dedication to reducing carbon dioxide emissions from its operations by 2030.
Krungsri collaborates with Zeroboard to enhance greenhouse gas emissions data management in pursuit of its carbon neutrality goal

Mr. Kenichi Yamato, Krungsri President and Chief Executive Officer said "Krungsri is committed to tackling the challenge of climate change. Under Krungsri Carbon Neutrality Vision, our goal is to achieve decarbonization of own emissions by 2030, and we have actively pursued various projects to achieve this goal. Since 2017, we have conducted a carbon footprint for the organization evaluation by collecting data on greenhouse gas emissions from its business operations and activities and reporting our organization's carbon footprint to the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO). However, we have recognized the importance of effective tools in supporting data collection, which has led us to collaborate with Zeroboard. The partnership aims to elevate the management of greenhouse gas data and facilitate the measurement of our organization's carbon footprint. We anticipate that this collaboration will greatly support Krungsri more easily and efficiently achieving its carbon neutrality objectives."

Mr. Michitaka Tokeiji, CEO of Zeroboard Inc. said "Zeroboard has been working to advance the sophistication of our solutions and expand the regions we serve so that our clients can use their decarbonization efforts as a catalyst for corporate growth. Thailand is an industrialized country with a high concentration of manufacturing supply chains and is one of the regions where decarbonization is of great importance and interest, while the government promotes the BCG (Bio-Circular-Green) economy model. We are pleased to work together with Krungsri to measure Krungsri and its subsidiaries' carbon footprint, contributing to the shared goal of building a carbon-free society in this region."

Zeroboard is a cloud-based platform designed to calculate and visualize greenhouse gas emissions data. Krungsri has adopted this system to effectively manage carbon data originating from its operations, covering both office spaces and Krungsri branches, along with over 15 subsidiaries nationwide. This integration facilitates the computation of greenhouse gas emissions quantities, utilizing Emission Factor values sourced from the TGO and datasets that align with international standards. Besides, it can calculate greenhouse gas emissions of overseas subsidiaries in ASEAN. The outcomes are displayed on a dashboard for analytical purposes. Additionally, the data also can be exported in both summary and detailed report formats, fulfilling the standards set by TGO.

Source: Spark Communications