PEA, EVme ink MoU to enhance charging stations to meet domestic energy demands

Wednesday 14 February 2024 14:32
Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), in collaboration with EVme Plus Co., Ltd, Thailand's largest EV total solution platform, has officially inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) aimed at bolstering charging station services across the nation and propelling Thailand's sustainable transportation aspirations forward. The signing ceremony unfolded at the PEA headquarters, graced by the presence of Mr. Panumart Limsuwan, Deputy Governor of the Provincial Electricity Authority, and Mr. Suvicha Sudchai, CEO and Managing Director of EVme PLUS Co., Ltd.
PEA, EVme ink MoU to enhance charging stations to meet domestic energy demands

Mr. Panumart Limsuwan expressed, "With our extensive history as electric charging station providers, PEA remains steadfast in our commitment to enhancing the accessibility and efficiency of our charging infrastructure. Teaming up with EVme presents an exciting opportunity for us to delve into the intricacies of EV usage and better cater to evolving demands. This partnership signifies a synergy between charging station and EV service providers, allowing us to leverage each other's strengths effectively. We anticipate that EVme's offerings will afford customers the chance to experience and appreciate the value of electric vehicles, potentially catalyzing increased adoption and the expansion of associated services. Speaking on behalf of PEA, I envision today's memorandum as the genesis of numerous collaborative endeavors between our organizations."

Mr. Suvicha Sudchai, said, "EVme was founded in 2021 and established with the vision of propelling Thailand into a seamlessly integrated EV society, fortifying the nation's EV ecosystem, and advocating for widespread EV utilization. Furthermore, our dedication aligns with Thailand's trajectory toward achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2065, as outlined in national policy. Presently, the prevalence of EVs and charging stations predominantly centers around the Bangkok metropolitan area, leaving other provinces and regions underserved. To foster broader adoption of EVs, it is imperative to ensure equitable service distribution across all areas. This collaboration between PEA and EVme marks a pivotal stride toward expediting infrastructure development and meeting the genuine needs of the populace through optimal and sustainable transportation alternatives."

The memorandum between PEA and EVme encompasses several key objectives, spanning from assessing the adequacy of charging stations to meet present and future demands, analyzing EV usage patterns across diverse organizations, to energy management and broader aspects of the EV ecosystem. Additionally, the study aims to delve into the nuances of after-sales services and other related offerings tied to PEA Volta charging stations. This collaboration signifies a crucial stride toward expediting infrastructure development and establishing a comprehensive EV charging network in Thailand, thereby offering sustainable transportation alternatives to the Thai populace.

Source: Hill & Knowlton