Sandy expands his Private Coaching course in 2024

Friday 23 February 2024 10:05
Alongside a busy racing season, professional Thai racing driver Sandy Kraokaew Stuvik has expanded his Private Coaching selection with the addition of private supercars and sports cars for customers that want the track experience in their own vehicles under professional guidance.
Sandy expands his Private Coaching course in 2024

Sandy's Private Coaching roster features all sorts of race-ready cars, starting from the Honda Brio, Honda City OMR, Toyota Vios, and ultimately the Porsche 981 Cayman GT4. All serviced by the most professional team in the country: B-Quik Racing. These racecars are gutted and caged, for superior track performance. Alternatively, for lovers of offroad or rally style driving, Sandy also offers the Ford Ranger Raptor Rally car serviced by Raptor Team Thailand. Starting last year, Sandy welcomed customers looking to use their personal sports or supercars on track to improve their confidence and their ability with the car. Circuit driving makes for safer drivers on the road by increasing the driver's knowledge of the limits of their vehicle. By expanding this knowledge drivers can make safer, more informed decisions while on the road.

"It has been a great pleasure to expand my private coaching course with more options for my customers to choose from. Nobody has the same requirements or desires, so I do my best to try to cater to my customer's wishes. I have great joy in seeing the development of racing students in the B-Quik supported racecars, or seeing customers do their first slide in a Ranger Raptor rally car, or simply enjoying a track day in their supercar. I aim to support all levels of driver, and it is a delight to work with like-minded individuals who see the value of becoming a more well-rounded driver." Says Sandy.

Sandy's Private Coaching course is ready to accept all applicants at www.sandystuvik

Sandy is honoured to be supported by The Pizza Company, B-Quik, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Jet8 Aviation, Pelican , 4F Thailand, Dacon Trading, Thaiwings Travel Agency, the Sports Authority of Thailand, and the Royal Automobile Association of Thailand.

Source: Stuvik Racing Project

Sandy expands his Private Coaching course in 2024