Quantum Healthcare (Thailand) grows by leaps and bounds, and sends Ultraformer III to hit the market, earning 700 million in income

Tuesday 27 February 2024 17:22
Innovation in medical equipment technology for beauty is growing continuously. In the past, medical equipment for beauty in Thailand accounted for a total value of more than 2 billion baht, expanding by more than 15%. With the international standard aimed at developing and creating innovation for the target groups effectively, Quantum Healthcare (Thailand) Company Limited is an importer and distributor of medical equipment to leading hospitals and skincare & beauty clinics throughout Thailand. We had exponential performance and growth with sales of over 700 million baht after receiving funds from a giant company, Paragon Care, which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Paragon Care has its head office in Sydney, New South Wales, with offices in every state of Australia and New Zealand, as well as branches in South Korea, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand. 
Quantum Healthcare (Thailand) grows by leaps and bounds, and sends Ultraformer III to hit the market, earning 700 million in income

 As an importer and distributor of medical equipment to hospitals and leading skincare and beauty clinics throughout Thailand, Quantum Healthcare (Thailand) Company Limited has been accepted to the point of occupying the third-largest share of the market at present, especially with Ultraformer III, which is considered to be a widely recognized medical equipment among beauty doctors in Thailand. Throughout 9 years of operation, the company has been under the leadership of Mr. Seok Sangyup, the CEO of Quantum Healthcare (Thailand), and the management of a Thai strong female leader, Ms. Umaporn Methmaolee, the Director of the Aesthetics Business Unit of Quantum Healthcare (Thailand), resulting in the company's continuous growth.

Mr. Seok Sangyup, the CEO of Quantum Healthcare (Thailand), revealed "Quantum Healthcare (Thailand) has operated doing business in the importing and distribution of innovative medical equipment technology in Thailand. In the beginning, the company was established in 2004 under the name MediThai Korea Co., Ltd., which aimed to sell medical equipment such as diagnostic ultrasound devices used in obstetrics and gynecology departments (Samsung Medison). Later, the company's name was changed to Quantum Healthcare (Thailand) Co., Ltd., In 2016, the business was expanded into 2 business groups comprising the Medical Business, dealing with diagnostic ultrasound devices (Samsung brand), and the Aesthetics Business Unit. In the aesthetics business, our company is the sole distributor in Thailand under the brand name Ultraformer III, which is a device for facial & body lifting and fat burning with high safety. In 2022, Paragon Care entered into a joint venture to merge businesses and assigned Thai marketing management teams with specialization and an in-depth understanding of Thai people's needs for aesthetics technology. As a result, the company has grown progressively. 

 On the other hand, Ms. Umaporn Methmaolee, the Director of the Aesthetics Business Unit for Quantum Healthcare (Thailand), has a keen vision to perceive marketing channels, professionally select aesthetics medical equipment to hit the markets in Thailand, and strengthen the company as well as Thai beauty markets. As a result, the company's growth has seen leaps and bounds. She said, "Ultraformer is a device investors and aesthetics doctors are interested in due to its strengths in offering high quality and reasonable prices for Thai people, as well as a variety of functions and usability for the face and body. Therefore, business has continued to grow. Up to 2023, we achieved exponential success by generating sales of over 700 million baht. In terms of medical equipment for the beauty market, previously the focus was on treating only acne, blemishes, and freckles for clear faces. However, such treatments caused wounds and required a facial recovery period. Since then, the arrival of new technology has changed the trend in facial treatment, whether for facial lifts, face-shape adjustments, stimulating collagen generation, improvement/increase of facial quality without wounds, surgery, or recovery to have fresher faces and look younger. Moreover, we market this technology to get along well with every trend whether used together with toxin, hyaluronic acid fillers, skin boosters, or biostimulators to expand business growth to the next level."

One outstanding success factor for Quantum Healthcare (Thailand) is its continuous and serious marketing, which has created added value, and the management ability of Ms. Umaporn Methmaolee, the Director of the Aesthetics Business Unit for Quantum Healthcare (Thailand). Ms. Umaporn said, "Using the company's tools, we emphasize the quality and internationally-approved standards of our devices. We also focus on the academic aspect by conducting medical equipment research to seek treatments suitable for Thai skin. The research results are constantly certified by dermatology faculties in Thailand such as Siriraj Hospital, Ramathibordi Hospital, Mae Fah Luang University, and other leading universities in Thailand. Our main purposes are to provide innovation to meet the needs of the dermatology and aesthetics doctor group and take into account the customer group for service users to receive satisfaction and safety. As we are a company group listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, we are reliable for operation in leading hospitals and skincare & beauty clinics in Thailand to create satisfaction and positive impressions from the effectiveness of safe devices. With excellent results, our devices have been quickly recognized."

"In 2024, we have set a target to grow by at least 1 billion baht. We also consider customers in hospitals & clinics, doctors, and end-consumers/service users to get satisfaction. We are sincere with our business partners concerning the company's service. Therefore, hospitals and beauty clinics feel using our devices is worth the investment. These are the main provisions we care about, and they make Quantum Healthcare (Thailand) succeed at all times."

At present, the most outstanding and well-known innovations in medical equipment for beauty by Quantum Healthcare (Thailand) include Ultraformer III, Ultraformer MPT, Sylfirm X plus, and the latest Volnewmer, which will be launched on the 28th of February 2024. Volnewmer has been developed effectively with modern technology so that it is safe and effective for increasing skin layer volume, lifting and regenerating facial skin to look younger with more concrete results. The current trend in the beauty market is to get treatment with concrete results but without pain. Our technology will be launched at the 9th Iconical Years Awards Party on Wednesday, the 28th of February 2024 at Waldorf Astoria Ratchaprasong to celebrate 9 years of operation. Grand awards will be given to emphasize our strengths and to thank the medical faculties, hospitals, and skincare & beauty clinics that have supported the company's success.



Source: Quantum Healthcare

Quantum Healthcare (Thailand) grows by leaps and bounds, and sends Ultraformer III to hit the market, earning 700 million in income