New Zealand and CP Foods Collaborate on Business Matching Event to Enhance Food Quality and Sustainability

Monday 18 March 2024 13:45
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (Thailand) has collaborated with Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods), to conduct a business matching and showcase event focused on improving food quality and sustainability. The event, hosted at the Calla Suite of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Bangkok,  was inaugurated by H.E. Mr. Jonathan Kings, the New Zealand Ambassador to Thailand. The initiative aimed to connect CP Foods with leading New Zealand companies to foster the advancement of innovative, secure, and sustainable food production techniques. This effort aligned with Thailand's ambition to become the world's food capital and illustrates New Zealand's technological prowess through the "See Tomorrow First" initiative.
New Zealand and CP Foods Collaborate on Business Matching Event to Enhance Food Quality and Sustainability

Ambassador Kings highlighted New Zealand's commitment to partnering with international enterprises to enhance sustainability and innovation in the food industry. This partnership marks the 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations between New Zealand and Thailand and emphasises the mutual interest in benefiting both countries through economic growth, community welfare, and environmental responsibility.

In his opening speech, Ambassador Kings thanked the CP Group for a partnership that boosts economic prosperity and societal well-being in counterparts, anchored in a shared vision for a sustainable future. He encouraged ongoing collaboration to spur innovation, sustainability, and prosperity in Thailand and New Zealand.

The Business Matching and showcase segment encouraged exchanges between CP Foods and technology companies from New Zealand, resulting in collaborations across three critical sectors: livestock and food, technology, and supply chain management. These collaborations aim to promote sustainable food industry practices, enhance consumer safety, and ensure global food security while strengthening ties between the two nations.

Mr. Peerapong Krinchai, Head of Corporate Engineering at CP Foods, thanked the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, the New Zealand Embassy, and the New Zealand businesses involved. Their participation allowed CP Foods to explore advanced agricultural and livestock technologies from New Zealand, potentially benefiting CP Foods' operations in Thailand by making animal husbandry more efficient and supporting the company's future growth.

The event featured participation from leading New Zealand companies: BECA, DSH Systems, Integrated Control Technology (ICT), PTN Manufacturing Limited, MACSO Technologies, and SEEN Safety. These companies, specialising in innovative factory design, automated food production, and advanced agricultural technologies, offer solutions to boost productivity, manage livestock data, enhance occupational safety and health, and minimise greenhouse gas emissions.

The "See Tomorrow First" campaign symbolises Aotearoa New Zealand's pioneering spirit of welcoming the dawn before others. It reflects the country's forward-thinking approach and commitment to technological innovation for a brighter future.

Source: Charoen Pokphand Foods

New Zealand and CP Foods Collaborate on Business Matching Event to Enhance Food Quality and Sustainability