Celebrating 40 Years of Five Star Business Contribute Entrepreneur Sustainable Success

Tuesday 19 March 2024 15:14
Five Star, a franchise business operated by Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods), celebrates an illustrious 4 decade brand legacy, marked by its significant contributions to the Thai community. Emphasizing its pivotal role in fostering entrepreneurship through its franchise business model, this milestone underscores the company's commitment to generating employment opportunities, nurturing enduring careers, and driving sustained growth within the food sector.
Celebrating 40 Years of Five Star Business Contribute Entrepreneur Sustainable Success

With an impressive roster of over 5,000 franchisees in Thailand and 3,500 internationally, Five Star Business is on a strategic expansion path. The brand aims to escalate its success by increasing its global footprint to 11,500 franchisees across 10 countries in 2024. This initiative is driven by a commitment to fostering strong, quality entrepreneurs and delivering safe, high-quality food to consumers. As a "true business partner," Five Star offers comprehensive support to its franchisees, ensuring their growth and success in the competitive market.

In reviewing the four decades of operations, Sunthorn Jaksukan, President of CPF Restaurant and Food Chain Co., Ltd, highlights Five Star's unwavering commitment to fostering stable and fulfilling careers for entrepreneurs. The company's integrated management system and robust support infrastructure significantly reduce investment risks for novice entrepreneurs. This strategy not only hastens the return on investment but also bolsters local job opportunities and food security, thus playing a crucial role in stimulating economic growth.

Five Star Business, currently, manages a diverse portfolio of food franchises. This portfolio encompasses renowned outlets such as Five Star, Iron Pan, Hi Pork, Jaosua, Hainan, STAR COFFEE, as well as innovative store formats like Five Star Glass House and Five Star Shop. These offerings are carefully designed to cater to the evolving needs of both entrepreneurs and consumers.

In keeping with modern consumer preferences, Five Star supports food delivery services, notably through TrueMoney Wallet, enhancing customer convenience in today's cashless society. The brand is also committed to maintaining high standards of quality, safety, and service, underscored by regular inspections and adherence to QSC standards, reinforcing Five Star's position as a trusted name in the food business sector.

As Five Star Business looks towards the future, it remains dedicated to enriching the lives of entrepreneurs and consumers, fostering a culture of excellence and innovation in the food industry.

Source: Charoen Pokphand Foods

Celebrating 40 Years of Five Star Business Contribute Entrepreneur Sustainable Success