SHE RISES: Brew Yoga & Swing Dance Party. Celebrating Women's Strength, Body and Soul in Bangkok's Rooftop Garden at The PARQ.

Monday 25 March 2024 14:18
The PARQ, a lifestyle mixed-use development under the 'Life Well Balanced' concept, is advancing gender equality and celebrating women's success in all aspects. We hosted the SHE RISES: Brew Yoga & Swing Dance Party, infusing new excitement, upgrading strength, and delivering mutual inspiration to all on March 16, 2024.
SHE RISES: Brew Yoga Swing Dance Party. Celebrating Women's Strength, Body and Soul in Bangkok's Rooftop Garden at The PARQ.

Marking International Women's Day 2024, The PARQ transformed Q Garden rooftop into a vibrant community of stylish and empowered women, fostering self-care and sharing self-improvement secrets. Infused with encouraging messages and positive vibes, the event emanated from the unwavering mindset of each individual. With spirited cheers, we unleashed our inner adrenaline, breaking barriers through an exciting exercise session, elevating fun to its zenith. Let's break free from societal constraints and embrace our authenticity with pride.

Started on the ultimate yoga experience with Brew Yoga Thailand's first-ever brew yoga event everyone immersed themselves in the harmony and flexibility of yoga, unwinding amidst the sunset golden hour at the Q Garden, a rooftop oasis in the heart of Bangkok. Harnessing the power of adaptive exercise, attendees experienced a marvelously balanced mind and body.

Ms. Jessica (Whan) from Brew Yoga Thailand shared "It's truly an honor to be part of such a wonderful event organized by The PARQ. Beyond our support for gender equality, we're deeply impressed by The PARQ's concept of "'Life Well Balanced", aimed at fostering balance in life, aligning perfectly with our own beliefs. Quality living and happiness should stem from daily enjoyment and creativity in all aspects of life, from work to social engagements, and most importantly, health and fitness routines. Having a like-minded community providing positive energy and mutual support, engaging in new activities together, and always having a space to unwind and connect with nature are vital components of a fulfilling life, echoing the modern woman's ethos of finding joy and balance in our terms."

Continuing the evening's excitement soared with a special performance by Jelly Roll Dance Club, surprising attendees and infusing vibrant hued into the event, awakening everyone's senses. Then, the dance floor ignited with the Swing Dance Party, featuring the electrifying sounds of Lit it up, a live band blending Swing and R&B, adding an extra layer of excitement to every move, free from constraints. It's a call for confidence, encouraging every woman to confidently showcase their true selves once again.

Sulaiman Swaleh represented Jelly Roll Dance Club remarked, 'The beauty of swing dancing lies in its freedom— no constraints, no boundaries —just surrendering to the music's beat, moving your body with uninhibited grace. Regardless of background—be it nationality, profession, or age—what matters is the love in your heart and the joy derived from being authentically you, combined with the pulsating rhythm of the music. Swing dancing reflects the ever-growing equality in society, as on the Swing Dance floor, everyone is on an equal footing.

Indulged your inner shopaholic at the Flea Market zone, a curated selection of renowned brands catering to health and beauty enthusiasts. From trendy activewear to nutritious fare featuring Birtive, Peaches Active, Plantogenic, Furi Collagen bar, Fit with Plant, Do it her, Cheat day by Modish, Yogurt Culture, Le Glow, and Jetts Fitness, it's an ensemble that adds a touch of radiance to everyone's self-care routine.

The festivities continued with an exciting after party session, featuring the dynamic music of DJ Nana, who will transform the atmosphere with dazzling lights and pulsating rhythms, providing everyone with a night of boundless fun. Reinforcing the resilience of empowered women and spreading good vibes throughout the evening, because we believe in embracing success every day to its utmost.

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SHE RISES: Brew Yoga Swing Dance Party. Celebrating Women's Strength, Body and Soul in Bangkok's Rooftop Garden at The PARQ.