Summer Thai Tastes @ The Emerald Coffee Shop

Monday 25 March 2024 17:23
The Emerald Hotel hosts a heritage menu once a year with "Khao Chae". Cool off throughout April 2024 at The Emerald Coffee Shop. It is served as both lunch buffet and all-day ? la carte menu.
Summer Thai Tastes @ The Emerald Coffee Shop

Khao Chae is an ancient Thai dish with a fascinating history. Believed to have originated from the Mon people, it was traditionally offered to deities and served to monks during the Songkran festival. Later, during the reign of King Rama IV, Chao Chom Marnda Sonklin, who was of Mon descent, introduced Khao Chae to the Thai royal court. Since then, it has become a beloved summer dish enjoyed for its refreshing qualities.

The Distinctive features are Khao Chae water: Fragrant and refreshing, infused with the scent of jasmine flowers, and enhanced with ice cubes. Rice: Aromatic jasmine rice, smoked with incense, giving it a unique fragrance and soft texture. Accompaniments: A variety of side dishes, such as fried shrimp paste balls, stuffed chili peppers, sweet stewed fish, pickled turnip, shredded pork, and carved vegetables.

Experience the exquisite delight of Khao Chae.

All-you-can-eat daily only for lunch combined with international buffet 11.30-14.30 hrs. Only 659 baht per person (normal price 900 baht) or a la carte from 10.00-22.00 hrs. Only 359 baht ++ per set.

For more information, please call 0-2276-4567 ext. 8413 and line @theemeraldhotel or

Source: The Emerald Hotel

Summer Thai Tastes @ The Emerald Coffee Shop