The Celebration of "SUQQU" emphasizes the idea of INNER GLOW, Inventing the outstanding naturally glowing skin and boosting confidence to users around the world.

Tuesday 26 March 2024 13:57
"A figure rising to their full height" could reflect the image of those individuals who are full of confident, free, and dignified spirit, as well as 'SUQQU', the luxury-tier cosmetic and skincare from Japan that has been dedicated to creating the natural beauty by reflecting the inner beauty to outside throughout the 20 years of brand establishment. To emphasize the brand positioning, SUQQU hosts 'SUQQU THE 4EVER GLOW CELEBRATION' to celebrate the success of 'SUQQU FOUNDATION' the foundation products line that gives naturally lustrous texture that comes alive on the skin, revealing confidence in global universal users, including THE LIQUID FOUNDATION, the first in brand's history liquid foundation that gives the veil of radiance to the skin with the Innovative Emulsifier Fluid Pigment technology, THE FOUNDATION, the cream foundation that perfectly gives the surpassing natural beauty of the skin with the new package representing the rich and glowing skin texture. The event is honorably attended by Junko Takirai, General Manager of SUQQU Japan's Division Marketing, together with Masaru Yamazoe, SUQQU Japan's makeup artist, showcasing the naturally glowing skin makeup techniques, that is full of moisture giving a freshly healthy and graceful skin, and unlocking the secrets of the anti-aging method 'GANKIN Massage' the brand's unique massage technique, also Atsushi Sumino, and Saengduan Utarwuthipong, SUQQU (Thailand) Ltd. Executive Board Members, giving the warm welcome at the Ballroom Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit Hotel on Friday, 22 March, 2024.
The Celebration of SUQQU emphasizes the idea of INNER GLOW, Inventing the outstanding naturally glowing skin and boosting confidence to users around the world.

Atsushi Sumino, President of Kanebo Cosmetics (Thailand) Ltd. and Executive Director of SUQQU (Thailand) reveals that from the initial start of SUQQU in Thailand since 2006, SUQQU has been introducing the top-class Japanese styled beauty techniques to Thai people and always gained positive feedback. Especially, in the past 4 years, SUQQU's foundation products under the concept of SUQQU'S GLOW have gained admiration among users, due to the fact that the products create the over expected lively and glowing skin. Despite Thailand's humid tropical weather, SUQQU's technology has done great to preserve the perfect skin in the flow of movement and time. This brand uniqueness is the reason for the overwhelmingly popularity itself and the brand's x4 growth rate within 5 years since 2018, which was the year that Thailand has gained significant benefits from international tourists leading SUQQU to become one of the international travelers' Wish Lists.

These days, although the number of those travelers remains insufficient, still, the SUQQU is consistently and increasingly gaining positive feedback and support among Thai users. For the brand, it was the most cherished pride and the deepest thankfulness the brand could ever attain, which is the main purpose of celebration today, to show the deep gratitude and gratefulness to all the support for the brand.

Junko Takirai General Manager of Japan's SUQQU Division reveals that throughout the 20 years since the establishment of SUQQU, the luxury-tier cosmetic and skincare brand inspired by the Japanese authenticity and natural beauty style. SUQQU's core value is a mixture of Japanese aesthetics and technologies to the invention of 'SUQQU' under the idea of 'The essence of living beautifully' accordingly to the definition of SUQQU that is derived from a Japanese word 'Sukutto', which means 'to stand up straight'.

Two exceptional qualities in SUQQU standing out among other competitors align in 'the beauty of movement'. The products are exquisitely created with the focus on the beauty in movement. The team does believe that complexion that exudes beauty does not exist only in the stillness of the mirror, but also in the movement. Thus, SUQQU's foundation is unique due to the skin radiance and the outstanding beauty the product gives throughout the time. Moreover, 'luster' is also another quality the brand prioritizes. The brand believes that this quality gives the lively radiance to users' skin and encourages its users to express the best version of themselves by combining the method of skincare together with the radiance they obtain from the exclusive makeup techniques.

SUQQU product lines vary in 4 main categories: Base Makeup, the foundation products that endows the skin and gives the radiance in the flow of movement and time, Color Makeup, the cosmetic products, e.g. eye shadow palette, color blush, etc., with fine-grain pigments that give the extra-pure color building the coloration, luminance, and luster on face skin, Skin Care, for skin enriching and expressing the inner glow to the external, also reveal the radiance by moisturizing, tightening, illuminating, and smoothening the skin with the brand's unique method 'Gankin' massage, and Tools, especially SUQQU eyelash curler that gained both Japanese and international popularity.

Saengduan Utarwuthipong, Division manager - Strategic Planning Division of SUQQU (Thailand) Ltd. reveals that SUQQU has been dedicated to inventing products that work in harmony with the skin and the individual to draw forth each person's brilliance and expression whatever the season. For the Base Makeup products line, the brand focuses in developing the product quality to be able to adjust accordingly to different skin conditions and create the naturally lustrous texture that comes alive on the skin with imbedded botanical skincare ingredients that helps to create the all-day skin radiance no matter what environment. SUQQU has been developing its Base Makeups to suit every need and lifestyle including THE FOUNDATION, the new cream foundation with fine thickness and smooth texture. The product provides the best for mature skin with the coverage quality, skin smoothening, long-lasting power, and moisturizing due to its special technology that helps to adjust the face skin oil when time passes and turns it into a brightly glowing skin, giving the feeling of skin moisturizing instead of the uncomfortable thickness on users' face, from 13 imbedded extracts from Japan, for instance, aloe vera extract from Miyako-Jima, Okinawa, the famous Japanese organic aloe vera source, that is specially for natural healthcare and skincare products due to its anti-inflammatory, pore-tightening, scar-healing, and moisturizer quality, Uji Matcha extract from the Japanese well-known sources: Kyoto, Nara, and Mie, that helps to tighten pores, deeply nourish, and refine the skin, etc.

THE LIQUID FOUNDATION, the first in brand's history liquid foundation that gives the veil of radiance to the skin with the Innovative Emulsifier Fluid Pigment technology easily smoothening the skin and giving the exquisite luster to the skin, alongside with the Japanese 13 natural skincare imbedded ingredients that gives the all-day skin moist, for instance, Sericin Protein that helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, Angelica Keiskei Extract for skin soothing, the Sakura Leaf and Alpinia Leaf Extract that stimulate the skin collagen, Angelica Acutiloba Extract for skin illuminating, and Kombu Seaweed Extract for skin moisturizing, etc.

Apart from that, there is also a demonstration of GanKin Massage, the signature anti-aging method of SUQQU that has been developed and adopted for more than 20 years. The massage includes seven steps of basic skin treatment: 1. Massage the muscles in the forehead for relaxing 2. Create the impression of tightened skin around the eyes 3. Massage the muscles around the mouth to lift the mouth's corners 4. Treat around the nose for smooth skin 5. Massage the muscles around the cheeks and jaw for sharper definition 6. Massage the jawlines to create a sharper look 7. Cool-down massage for face muscles relaxing. Just 3 minutes a time, 2 times a day before skincare applying in the morning and before bedtime for lymphatic drainage stimulating, enhancing blood circulation, and lifting face bone structure. The method creates the lustrously dewy skin and tightly lift-up face since it heals the skin deterioration when time passes and the skin quality inconsistency due to the reducing subcutaneous tissue, stress, pollution, and malnutrition, causing the malfunction of lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, and leading to the skin muscle fatigue. Also, the different lifestyles and activities could possibly lead to the changing face bone structure causing the loss of face lines sharpness.   

Discover the smooth, dewy, and glowing skin as SUQQU, the Japanese premium luxury cosmetic and skincare's style, today at Siam Paragon, Central Chidlom, Central Ladprao, Central Patong Phuket, Central Phuket Foresta, or Central Online. For more information from SUQQU:

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The Celebration of SUQQU emphasizes the idea of INNER GLOW, Inventing the outstanding naturally glowing skin and boosting confidence to users around the world.