SLC Clinics Launched Cutting-edge Beauty Innovation with Volnewmer "Kwan-Earth-Mix" Joined to Share an Awesome Secret with People Overflowing Siam

Friday 29 March 2024 08:46
As a leader in skin beauty innovation with cutting-edge technology at over 24 branches nationwide, SLC Clinics is a leading comprehensive beauty institute that is trusted and meets Thai standards. With teams of highly-experienced medical experts under the management of Dr. Pimpida Waranyuratana, Chief Executive Officer of SLC Group, SLC Clinics has achieved great success at national levels throughout South East Asia for the chain clinic group and received 3 awards at The 9th Iconical Years Awards Party Come a Long Way and Go On. SLC Clinics continues to strive and develop new innovative beauty technology, organizing the SLC GRAND LAUNCHING VOLNEWMER event with the launch of Volnewmer, the most innovative beauty medical device that is effective for upgrading and restoring skin condition with the highest frequency in the medical equipment group at SLC CONCEPT CLINIC, Siam Square Soi 2, amidst a crowd of media and fans interested in attending the event.
SLC Clinics Launched Cutting-edge Beauty Innovation with Volnewmer Kwan-Earth-Mix Joined to Share an Awesome Secret with People Overflowing Siam

 At the event, we were honored by Mr. Seok Sangyup, the Chief Executive Officer, and Ms. Umaporn Methmaolee, the Aesthetics Business Unit Director of Quantum Healthcare Company (Thailand), which is an importer and distributor of medical equipment for leading hospitals and beauty institutes throughout Thailand. Further, Mr. Seung Han Baek, the Chief Executive Officer of Classys Inc., a manufacturer of novel medical equipment, attended the event and congratulated Dr. Pimpida Waranyuratana, the Chief Executive Officer of SLC Group. In addition, they delivered 30 state-of-the-art beauty innovations of Volnewmer to SLC GROUP to serve customers at various branches.

Mr. Seung Han Baek, Chief Executive Officer of Classys Inc. said, "Volnewmer is a new, more modern and powerful medical innovation featuring an outstanding design comprising a Gold tip head with a curved surface and a hidden edge to reduce side effects. This makes Volnewmer the safest mono polar RF technology for skin tightening, rejuvenation and volumization using new concept continuous mono polar radiofrequency technology at 6.78 MHz , which is the highest frequency among medical devices combine with continuous Hydro cooling system Technology , so it is the most stable and safe."

Mr. Seok Sangyup, Chief Executive Officer of Quantum Healthcare Company (Thailand) revealed, "Quantum Healthcare Company (Thailand), as an importer and distributor of medical equipment to leading hospitals and beauty institutes in Thailand, has imported innovative technology and beauty medical equipment that is outstanding and prevalent. Volnewmer is considered another new innovation that is the best and safest answer to facial skin rejuvenation for those who want to look youthful and quickly see effective results."

Dr. Pimpida Waranyuratana, Chief Executive Officer of SLC Group mentioned "Volnewmer is a medical beauty device that is effective in lifting and tightening the skin. It helps restore collagen under the facial skin through heat from Continuous mono polar Radio Frequency waves. Volnewmer is effective in increasing the volume of the skin, tightening it, and revitalizing it to look youthful.

It provides clear results and offers treatment at the right point by combining multiple treatments at once. A vibration system helps in diffusing to reduce pain and creates a continuous Hydro cooling system Technology (water-cooling system) to provide continuous cooling directly on the upper surface of the skin to prevent skin burns during RF energy delivery. It also increases skin resistance for maximum treatment results. Volnewmer is suitable for all genders and all ages, especially teenagers who can use the service as well."

Ms. Umaporn Methmaolee, Aesthetics Business Unit Director of Quantum Health Care (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a Thai executive who has played a role in generating more than 700 million baht in sales, is confident in the excellent effectiveness of the device, which will definitely generate sales for beauty and aesthetics institutes and impressive results for service users.  The current medical and beauty equipment available now, with Gold Continuous Mono Polar RF Technology that increases the effectiveness of energy penetration into the deeper layers of the skin precisely. The advantage of the gold tip is that it can transmit energy better than other materials up to 4 times, making it suitable for direct facial skin without causing allergies and reducing pain. "I believe that Volnewmer will create satisfaction for service users and generate increased sales for beauty institutes and clinics, just like the Ultraformer, which we have used to create a phenomenon in the beauty market".

 Volnewmer is another innovative medical device with the newest technology. It sends energy through high-frequency radio waves with Gold Continuous RF Technology (Gold tilting Tip Head) and a Hydro-cooling System to increase the efficiency of energy going deep into the skin layers at the right point. It efficiently releases continuous cooling to protect the upper skin layer while stimulating the creation of collagen, making skin volume firmer and tighter, restoring the skin to look youthful, and enabling visible results quickly. The advantage of a gold tip head is in transmitting energy 4 times better than other materials, meaning it is suitable for direct contact with facial skin without causing allergic reactions. It can also reduce pain very well.

In addition, "Kwan - Usamanee Vaithayanon", a famous actress who deeply loves beauty, along with 2 rising stars, the hottest pair from the series "Ni Than Phan Dao" (A Tale of Thousand Stars) namely "Earth - Pirapat Watthanasetsiri" and "Mix - Sahaphap Wongratch" shared tips for taking care of one's skin by drinking a lot of clean water, getting enough rest, and eating healthy food to restore and nourish the body. Attending a beauty institute is another important way to take care of yourself to always look good. However, you must choose a reliable beauty institute like SLC Clinics, which has standards and specialized doctors to provide close care. Using Volnewmer to lift, tighten, and revitalize the skin with frequency waves is another interesting innovative medical beauty tool. Before the special highlight, a beautiful song was performed by two young couples "Earth-Mix" to make an impression at the event.

Come and join in taking care of yourself to restore your skin and look younger. Be beautiful and bright for the summer with the newest beauty innovation, Volnewmer, today at SLC Clinics. For more information, visit any branch of SLC Clinics, or access FACEBOOK: SLC Clinics, or Line ID: @Slcclinic  #Volnewmer #Quantum Healthcare

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SLC Clinics Launched Cutting-edge Beauty Innovation with Volnewmer Kwan-Earth-Mix Joined to Share an Awesome Secret with People Overflowing Siam