Power Venture of POWER WIN with China and Taiwan to sell motorcycle spare parts globally

Monday 01 April 2024 15:54
POWER WIN is going all-in, teaming up with two global giants from China and Taiwan to distribute motorcycle spare parts, including batteries from Tianneng, a top 5 company in China, as well as chains and sprockets from KMC, Taiwan. This collaboration aims for the market share in the first year with an expected growth of 10% over the next three years.
Power Venture of POWER WIN with China and Taiwan to sell motorcycle spare parts globally

Mr. Nirut Chieopattayakorn, Chairman of Power Win Co., Ltd. (POWER WIN), a manufacturer and distributor of motorcycle spare parts, reveals that "From the beginning of our family business in 1971 namely of Paisal Bicycle Shop in Roi-Et, then in 2005, my sister, Miss Thitiporn Chiewpattayakorn, and I established Power Bike Co., Ltd. to wholesale bicycles and bicycle parts nationwide. Later, we became a bicycle importer and OEM under Power brand, and bicycle parts under City and Power brands. Until 2016, we realized the significant market for motorcycles in Thailand, which was the 6th requisite (transportation). Therefore, we founded POWER WIN."

POWER WIN focused on distributing motorcycle spare parts, starting with being an official distributor of DEESTONE motorcycle tires in 2016, the year which POWER WIN was founded. DEESTONE is considered one of Thailand's largest tire factories. In 2018, POWER WIN started being OEM for motorcycle parts under NOBU brand. Currently, POWER WIN has customer base over 200 shops over the country which generates an annual revenue over 300 million baht and becomes one of the top distributors of DEESTONE motorcycle tires.

In 2023, POWER WIN plans to expand its motorcycle spare parts distribution in Thailand by joining hands with two major companies, firstly being a distributor of Tianneng Holding Group (Tianneng), the top battery manufacturer in China and listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Tianneng holds the highest market share (40%) of Lead Acid battery Industry in China and It is ranged as 111 th top 500 Asia Brands.

The second company that POWER WIN has joined forces with is KMC Group (KMC), a listed on the Stock Exchange of Taiwan. KMC is the largest chain manufacturer in the world and delegates POWER WIN as an official distributor of motorcycle chains and sprockets in Thailand. KMC is known for its high quality products and is both an OEM and technology developer for various motorcycle manufacturers such as HONDA, YAMAHA, KAWASAKI, and SUZUKI in Vietnam.

Mr. Niruj stated that in 2024, POWER WIN has a strong intention to distribute motorcycle spare parts under these two brands with the goal to achieve a market share of 10-15% in the first year and consistently grow by at least 10% every three years in the motorcycle spare parts market for these two brands.

POWER WIN plans to distribute motorcycle spare parts under these two brands through its existing customers over 200 stores plus new target (motorcycle mechanics) with aggressive marketing by promoting giveaway campaigns via both online and offline channels to raise awareness of the products. With core significance to sustainable and consistent growth and the concept of "POWER WIN: Power of Quality", POWER WIN aims to distribute world-class products under these two brands that offer superior value to dealers, service centers, and motorcycle users.

Mr. Niruj concluded by expressing the company's determination to continuously develop and import high quality products. Additionally, POWER WIN remains committed to being a leading importer and distributor of high quality motorcycle spare parts, providing greater value to the motorcycle spare parts business.

Source: goodidea communication

Power Venture of POWER WIN with China and Taiwan to sell motorcycle spare parts globally