Kaspersky VPN wins AV-TEST 'Oscar' for speed and performance

Tuesday 09 April 2024 11:56
Kaspersky VPN has demonstrated remarkable improvement, surpassing its own performance parameters achieved in 2022. Test results reveal a staggering 355% improvement in upload speeds for overseas connections, showcasing the platform's efficiency. Furthermore, Kaspersky's expansive global VPN server network was acknowledged as one of the largest in the industry. AV-TEST also highlighted Kaspersky VPN's extensive list of protocols, including WireGuard, OpenVPN and Catapult Hydra, allowing users to customize their VPN experience.
Kaspersky VPN wins AV-TEST 'Oscar' for speed and performance

Annually AV-TEST conducts multiple tests to evaluate VPNs' overall product performances. Key areas of focus include the stability of connection, performance level, the robustness of encryption protocols, and effectiveness in preserving the users' anonymity. These tests were designed to replicate the conditions a typical user experiences, maintaining consistency with evaluations conducted in previous years.

According to test results, Kaspersky VPN enhanced support for connection stability and high-speed performance. Compared to similar test results in 2022, upload speed increased by an incredible 355%, and latency improved by 3% for overseas connections. With regards to local connections, latency decreased by 24%, upload speed was improved by 23% and download speed, by 32%. In this test, AV-TEST singled out Kaspersky VPN for providing robust streaming and torrenting capabilities, maintaining performance close to non-VPN reference values.

AV-TEST also highlighted Kaspersky VPN's extensive server network range as one of the largest in the industry. Kaspersky VPN provides users with 83 countries and 102 server locations around the world available for connection. The wide range of locations allows users to customize the usage of the VPN for various scenarios and the Double VPN[1] feature provides a seamless digital experience in addition to an enhanced level of privacy for personal data. In terms of features, AV-TEST also recognized the robust DNS and IP leak prevention features as well as a reliable Kill Switch. All these features strengthen the privacy level for sensitive users' data across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

Another notable update is the extended list of supported protocols. In 2023 Kaspersky VPN added support for WireGuard, an open-source protocol, which is an important step towards enhancing the reliability and transparency of the product. This gives users the freedom to choose the protocol that best suits their individual needs.

'VPNs have become essential tools for modern users, ensuring the privacy and security of valuable personal data. Our aim is to provide best VPN for our users and we know that consumers pay strong attention to speed and performance - that's why we invest a lot in to seamless experience. We are proud that excellence of our technologies has been recognized by respected testing organizations such as AV-TEST - who certified Kaspersky VPN as a leading solution. Results confirm that our product development is on the right track.' comments Marina Titova, Vice-President, Consumer Product Marketing at Kaspersky.

The full text of Kaspersky VPN Test Report 2023 by AV-TEST is available here:https://www.av-test.org/en/news/kaspersky-vpn-test-report-2023/ 

To learn more about Kaspersky VPN, please visit the website:https://www.kaspersky.com/vpn-secure-connection

Source: Piton Communications

Kaspersky VPN wins AV-TEST 'Oscar' for speed and performance