GIS - MAAI by KTC Launches Loyalty Program to Connect Members and Deliver Special Experiences

Monday 17 July 2023 08:45
GIS Company Limited, a member of CDG Group, an official distributor of Garmin (Thailand) Company Limited, advances in building its membership relation efforts by joining forces with MAAI by KTC to create a full-service and ready-to-use loyalty program. The program meets the needs of members in the digital age and their lifestyle which is unique to GARMIN users. Through 3 solutions, the program was designed to capture the hearts of athletes and expand the customer base to the new generation who are interested in an active lifestyle with many special privileges and activities. Users will experience an increase in confidence and trust GARMIN by GIS to be their companion, accompanying them everywhere and for every activity, and reinforcing the brand as Thailand's number one leader in smartwatches.

Mr. Krairop Luang U-Thai, President, "GIS" or GIS Company Limited, a member of CDG Group, stated, "GIS, as the official distributor of GARMIN, Thailand's number one smartwatch leader for sports and lifestyle, continues to build out its strengths throughout the 28 years of business operation in Thailand. The company has implemented a strategy to expand the market base of the GARMIN brand to the new generation who are interested in active lifestyles, all while giving unwavering attention to its core customers who trust in the brand. The brand also aims to give back the long-time confidence that our customers have entrusted us with through rewards. Therefore, GIS has partnered with MAAI by KTC to launch a loyalty program to connect customers and GARMIN users with the goal of getting to know them better from various perspectives and to perform research to understand their lifestyles, preferences, and interests, such as popular health trends, to develop activities or design creative products that provide special experiences that meet the needs of customers as accurately as possible."

"Our partnership with MAAI by KTC, which is a long-standing partner in the credit card business, is distinguished by the strength and expertise in creating a points system. MAAI by KTC has also expanded its scope of business to loyalty platform creation. GIS is therefore confident in counting on MAAI by KTC to help manage the platform to connect customers in a complete way. Our partnership also offers solutions to all user aspects, which include ease of use and privileges that cover every lifestyle and all areas nationwide. The platform will serve as another key to building lasting relationships and allow GARMIN by GIS customers access to special experiences through various activities, promote the exchange of information on leading smartwatch products, and get updates on technology trends and new innovations in active lifestyle among customers and those interested in health care who believes and trusts GARMIN by GIS to be a portable buddy at their side that can be carried anywhere and for every activity. The platform will offer complete solutions to all lifestyles."

Mrs. Pranaya Nithananon, Head of Credit Card Marketing, "KTC" or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited, stated, "'MAAI by KTC' is a system that helps businesses build relationships with member customers to collect points. It also serves as a support tool to streamline CRM in the digital age through one-stop service which provides the creation of a full-service and ready-to-use platform using an end-to-end process that comes with an existing network of stores that supports a wide range of points redemption on a variety of channels, including B Scan C formats such as QR codes, barcodes, various e-Commerce online channels, and C Scan B formats where customers can redeem points for discounts at stores, covering all shopping lifestyles. All this reflects the strength of MAAI by KTC's partner network that will make the whole ecosystem perfect and thereby strengthen the loyalty platform system that can be extended endlessly with 3 solutions, namely Membership Management, Point System Management, and E-Coupon Management. The services we provided to GARMIN by GIS were specially customized for their business needs which were to create creative design work and perform product selection that meets their customer needs as much as possible. We foresee loyalty platforms as another great option that helps businesses expand, offers solutions for businesses that require understanding the behavior of modern consumers, and creates success for the organization in a quick and sustainable manner."

Ms. Wannakorn Manthanajaru, a True Fan of GARMIN representing the new generation who loves sports and lifestyle, said, "GARMIN is a brand known for products with high quality, features that measure various body composition, and complete exercise functions that process data with accuracy. One of my favorite features is its excellent battery life without the need for a daily charge. I've previously used 3 models and all of them lasted over a week with a single charge. There are plenty of designs to choose from according to your usage, and the brand usually comes up with new and modern designs and collections with improved functions. Its membership program via Line OA: @GarminByGIS, is also fuss-free. Simply go to Membership and press register to start collecting points from the first order. It's easy to use and fast, and offers activities and privileges that will definitely satisfy GARMIN fans."

Source: Krungthai Card