Kaspersky and NCSA sign MoU to boost Thailand's cybersecurity capability

Wednesday 17 April 2024 11:11
Kaspersky, the global cybersecurity and digital privacy company, and the National Cyber Security Agency of Thailand (NCSA) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work together and strengthen the country's cybersecurity capabilities.
Kaspersky and NCSA sign MoU to boost Thailand's cybersecurity capability

Given Thailand's steady digital economic growth, cyber risks have grown correspondingly and public-private partnerships to jointly address them would be crucial. The MoU aims to establish a mutual framework for cooperation between Kaspersky and NCSA, in the areas of cybersecurity capacity building, knowledge-sharing, expert support, technical exchanges, and other joint initiatives to strengthen protection of Thailand's cyberspace.

Commenting on the MoU, Kaspersky's CEO Eugene Kaspersky said: "Thailand has rapidly embraced digitalization, which has resulted in the country's continuous digital economic growth. In parallel, cybercriminals continue to refine their techniques to wage cyberattacks, emphasizing the need to strengthen cyber defenses. With this in mind, we're excited to expand our collaboration with NCSA to build a safer world - and to safely harness the benefits of technology. We're also committed to expanding our capacity-building efforts."

Genie Gan, Kaspersky's Director of Government Affairs and Public Policy for Asia-Pacific, Japan, Middle East, Tuerkiye, and Africa, said: "This MoU has been a long time coming given the longstanding collaboration between NCSA and Kaspersky. With the official inking of the MoU, we hope to deepen our ties through more frequent exchanges that will strengthen the NCSA's ability to deal with cyberthreats, for the benefit of the people of Thailand."

Air Vice Marshal Amorn Chomchoey, Secretary General of NCSA, commented: "Thailand's cyber threat figures in 2023 increased by 114.25% from the previous year. The top three risks are website hacking, defacement, and false websites. Our responsibilities include not only establishing policies, regulations, and standards, but also mitigating threats and bringing charges against cybercriminals. Both NCSA and Kaspersky are committed to building a future where mutual collaboration is a cornerstone of innovation and excellence in a rapidly evolving digital world."

Major General Teerawut Wittayakorn, Deputy Secretary General of NCSA, commented: "I am pleased to see NCSA's collaborations with Kaspersky being formalized. Even before the MoU, Kaspersky has made its contributions felt - these include Mr. Eugene Kaspersky's public lecture on Cyber Immunity for a Secure Digital World, in Bangkok in March 2023, as well as NCSA officials' participation in Kaspersky's Cyber Capacity Building Program, covering topics such as Cyber Threat Intelligence and Adversary Attack Emulation."

Previously NCSA officials had also visited Kaspersky's Transparency Center in Zurich, Switzerland in 2022 where they were briefed on Kaspersky's engineering practices, threat detection rules, and software updates. Kaspersky was also honored to have Major General Teerawut Wittayakorn speak at Kaspersky's Security Analyst Summit (SAS) 2023, where his insightful contributions from a regulatory perspective were warmly received by the audience.

Source: Piton Communications

Kaspersky and NCSA sign MoU to boost Thailand's cybersecurity capability