TSX by Astronize, the latest game project on Bitkub Chain, launches Open Beta today

Friday 19 April 2024 16:45
Kubplay Entertainment Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Asphere Innovations Public Company Limited and Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co., Ltd., launched the Open Beta for TSX by Astronize, the first game on the Astronize platform. The launch includes the "Joy Like Post" event, which offers a total of 1,000 TSX Token prizes.
TSX by Astronize, the latest game project on Bitkub Chain, launches Open Beta today

For the "Joy Like Post" event, participants can join from April 18 to 28, 2024, by joining the Bitkub Chain Discord, liking the TSX by Astronize and Bitkub Chain Facebook pages, and posting a screenshot of their character on the Astronize channel of the Bitkub Chain Discord. Participants can then fill out a Google form at https://forms.gle/ZAz7pUFoNZwRhexY6 to be eligible to win TSX tokens for use in the game.TSX by Astronize is a turn-based RPG mobile game based on characters from the classic Three Kingdoms novel, TS Mobile, which gained popularity in 2019 with over 500,000 Thai players. The game received positive feedback from fans during the recent closed beta test, thanks to numerous upgrades in content and game systems. Players can also earn TSX Coins (in-game currency) through mining, which can be exchanged for TSX Tokens to purchase in-game items. You can convert in-game items into NFTs to facilitate more convenient trading with other players in the primary market, thereby enhancing transparency and providing access to item ownership information.

TSX is available in 26 countries worldwide, including 6 countries in Southeast Asia and 20 countries on other continents. This will help the Astronize platform play a significant role in strengthening the gaming industry ecosystem in Southeast Asia, meeting the needs of game developers and players.

You can download TSX by Astronize on both iOS and Android today at https://tsx.onelink.me/8l1E/bbtprestore.

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Source: Bitkub Capital Group Holdings