Michelin proposes three tire ranges for the new all-electric Porsche Macan

Tuesday 30 April 2024 13:32
Michelin is proposing three tire ranges: summer, winter and all-season, developed specifically for the new all-electric Porsche Macan, and is the only manufacturer to provide the German carmaker with such a wide, customized offer since 2014.The 14 references satisfy the characteristics of the new electric SUV, as well as motorists' varied uses.Michelin's expertise in terms of electric cars, SUVs and zero-emission sports cars is a real asset for perfectly responding to Porsche's requirements.For over half a century, Michelin and Porsche have been working together to push the boundaries of innovation. Unveiled on January 25, the new Macan, the first all-electric SUV by the German carmaker, is one of the major projects involving Porsche and Michelin, which has accompanied all the Macan's generations and evolutions since its launch in 2014. Now, Michelin is proposing three tire ranges for this strategic model in a show of confidence that bolsters Michelin in its position as a pioneer and as a preferred original equipment partner.
Michelin proposes three tire ranges for the new all-electric Porsche Macan

Bespoke tires for the electric Porsche Macan

The advent of the electric car caused disruption in the world of tires. To satisfy the ambitious design brief of the new electric Porsche Macan, Michelin drew on its know-how and in-depth knowledge of electric vehicles. This feat is the fruit of several years of research, and results from the technological learning that Michelin has developed over eight seasons in the World Formula E Championships, where Porsche has competed since 2019.

Electric sports car tires must not only offer the same performance as those of a combustion-powered car, but also meet other challenges related to autonomy and rolling noise. Furthermore, battery weight increases a vehicle's total mass, which causes increased demands and impacts tires' mileage. Finally, drivability is another key element and a technical challenge, given that electric engines deliver full torque at zero speed. Michelin took all of these considerations into account when developing the three tires for the new electric Porsche Macan, with respect for Porsche's signature - another crucial parameter:

MICHELIN PILOT SPORT EV NE0: This MICHELIN summer tire has been specially developed for this four-wheel drive vehicle. Its internal structure and rubber were designed to offer perfect drivability and to withstand high power. The MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV NE0 (marking only to be used by Porsche) also harnesses all of Michelin's expertise in terms of rolling resistance (optimizing autonomy), as well as maximum grip on wet and dry surfaces, always at the highest level irrespective of tire mileage. Specific emphasis was also placed on rolling noise, which is harder to control in electric cars.


The MICHELIN Pilot Alpin 5 SUV winter tire was designed to deliver high safety levels and maximum performance during the winter months, on cold, wet and snow-covered roads. The siped rubber blocks in the tread were designed to offer better drivability and controlled stopping distances in slippery conditions. This performance is combined with the robustness of these SUV tires, with reinforced sidewalls. The MICHELIN PILOT ALPIN 5 SUV NE0 also features the 3PMSF (Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake) symbol, certifying its approval for winter use.


This all-season tire, specially developed for high-end and sports vehicles, boasts performance that offers the best compromise between summer and winter tires. Performing well in hot conditions, it preserves its properties when temperatures fall below 7?C/44.6?F. It prevents motorists from swapping the wheels of their car to have winter tires in November, and back again at the end of March. Finally, it offers flexibility of use for drivers looking for a real winter tire because they drive in extreme conditions, but who are also exposed to climatic variations mid-season.

These three tires, designed for the new electric Porsche Macan, offer a comprehensive range of uses for all drivers, surfaces and conditions. They also meet the specificities of precise, sport handling that make up the lifeblood of the Macan, which was once only combustion-powered and is now also all-electric.

Source: Michelin

Michelin proposes three tire ranges for the new all-electric Porsche Macan