"Krungsri Auto" suggests pro tips for purchasing used cars - "Good record - Easy repair - Affordable payment"

Friday 03 May 2024 16:06
From the economic slowdown, the automotive market is becoming more competitive due to the arrival of EVs and consumers being more cautious about their spending in general. Used car is a great alternative for automobile users looking for good value for money. However, many still have a negative perception of used cars with it being problematic, costly to repair, and even getting deceived by sellers. Automobile users should find a trustworthy technician to inspect the car and purchase from a reliable car dealership that can provide a solid information with a verifiable source and a good deal of offers.
Krungsri Auto suggests pro tips for purchasing used cars - Good record - Easy repair - Affordable payment

'Krungsri Auto', a leader in automotive finance under the Bank of Ayudhya PCL, provided 3 pro tips 'Good record - Easy repair - Affordable payment' for Thai automobile users to select a decent used car as their capital and a tool to build a good life.

  • Good record - a good used car must not have a history of a severe crash or being drown, has a verifiable source with a registration book that can be used to trace back its history along with other information i.e., milage, car condition both interior and exterior, and performance after a test-drive. Purchasing through a reliable used car dealership will help ease the process.
  • Easy repair - selecting a popular car model allows users to have access to more resources for maintenance which can be studied and prepared prior to purchasing. Furthermore, spare parts for popular car models are widely available in the market, garages have more expertise in repairing, and there are better opportunities for reselling in the future. Overall, this will help save on a repair budget. On the contrary, selecting an unpopular car model will greatly impact the repair cost. It is advisable to reconsider a vehicle that has had LPG/NGV installed or engine replacement, exhibits engine wear, displays signs of drilling into body parts, or lacks proper maintenance.
  • Affordable payment - an effective financial planning for those purchasing a used car can help provide a peace-of-mind when paying installments and is regarded as a sensible investment. Opting for a used car loan typically results in lower installments compared to financing a new car while allowing automobile users to get their preferred vehicle in exchange with the early stage of the vehicle's lifespan occupied by the previous owner. It is important to ensure that the selected instalment plan is in line with one's capability-to-pay.

Owning a used car is an alternative to improving one's quality of life and enabling automobile users to have a chance to build their business and live life conveniently without waiting for a huge sum of saving, if making the right purchase through a thorough research. 'Krungsri Used Car', a used car loan service, is ready to advise and provide suitable offers for customers following Krungsri Auto's Responsible Lending guideline.

Source: FleishmanHillard