Intermach - Subcon Thailand 2024 is now open.

Wednesday 15 May 2024 16:48
Intermach - Subcon Thailand 2024 is now open. The major event highlights technology and innovation, offering seminars to pave the way for the survival of the Thai industry. It aims to elevate the Thai industry   to a carbon-neutral era, in collaboration with 7 automotive companies to strengthen Thai manufacturers.
Intermach - Subcon Thailand 2024 is now open.

Informa Markets Thailand continues its collaboration with over 40 public and private entities to organize Intermach - Subcon Thailand 2024. The event showcases the latest technology and innovations in mechanical engineering and industry, highlighting modern production techniques in the region. It aims to support the industrial sector's transition to a carbon-neutral era across the entire supply chain.

Mr. Sanchai Noombunnam, Country General Manager of Informa Markets Thailand, stated that as a leader in organizing exhibitions and business negotiation events internationally, Informa Markets has worked with various sectors to play a crucial role in upgrading the industry and driving the Thai economy. One of their longstanding and significant events, "Intermach," has been recognized regionally as a prestigious platform in the industrial sector for over four decades. With the global community's goal of moving towards Net Zero Carbon emissions in manufacturing, this year Intermach marks an important transition in setting the theme, prominently featuring the concept "Bridging Manufacturing Solutions Towards Net Zero Carbon," focusing on solutions to elevate the industry to a carbon-neutral future.

Mr. Sanchai continued to emphasize that for Intermach 2024, the event will continue to highlight its strength in consolidating efforts from both the public and private sectors across every link in the industrial supply chain. Led by the Ministry of Industry, the Board of Investment (BOI), the Thai Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (TAPMA), the Thai Tool and Die Industry Association (TDIA), the Thai-German Institute (TGI), the Thai Subcontracting Promotion Association, and the Thai Automation and Robotics Association (TARA), this event will involve more than 40 agencies and associations related to the manufacturing sector—the highest participation since its inception. All parties are confident that this platform will bridge opportunities and provide competitive advantages for the Thai industrial sector, with a unified goal to propel Thailand as the hub for showcasing advanced technology and machinery for the manufacturing and related industries throughout the ASEAN region.

Intermach is the first industrial machinery exhibition of the year. This year, it continues to build on its grandeur by incorporating high-end technology and innovation from both Thailand and abroad. The exhibition covers a wide array of machinery, software, automated systems including robotic arms, machine tools, as well as advanced measurement technologies, high-wattage fiber laser technologies, and sheet metal technology, which includes cutting, drilling, milling, bending, welding, and inspection processes. This year, the event has gathered more than 2,000 brands from 45 countries to showcase their technologies.

"Intermach 2024" is organized alongside with "Subcon Thailand 2024," a premier ASEAN industrial parts exhibition and business matchmaking event. This year marks a significant step towards the industrial transition, with the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) highlighting the participation of seven major EV car makers investing in Thailand: BYD, SAIC Motor, Great Wall Motor, Neta, Changan, GAC Aion, and OMODA & JAECOO. These companies will share their experiences and discuss the future of the electric vehicle industry at the "BOI Symposium: EV Supply Chain Edition." Subcon Thailand also serves as a regional investment hub, facilitating business matchmaking between Thai component manufacturers and major companies from both local and international markets. Additionally, the event features a Buyers' Village for showcasing components from both local and international purchasing companies, and an Innovation Showcase displaying new technologies and innovations. These initiatives are designed to drive development towards targeted industrial sectors, particularly supporting SMEs to enhance their competitive abilities and position Thailand as a leading global hub for electric vehicle production.

"And another key highlight of Intermach - Subcon Thailand each year is the seminar topics that align with global industrial trends. This year, topics include the BCG Model for navigating Thai industry through carbon tax measures, the application of machine vision systems in manufacturing, and the challenges of carbon neutrality for Thai automotive parts manufacturers, among others. With Thailand's status as a leading nation in the manufacturing and machinery sector of the region, this event will significantly support the expansion of opportunities in targeted industrial groups that the government is actively promoting and supporting. These include emerging industries in high demand in the global market such as electronics, packaging, medical equipment, and clean energy. By developing and enhancing the capabilities of exhibitors, we are confident that this will be a crucial transition for the Thai industrial sector towards sustainable development within the framework of the global economy or Net Zero Carbon," said Mr. Sanchai in conclusion.

Experience a pivotal change for the Thai industrial sector transitioning to the 'Net Zero Carbon' era at Intermach 2024. This event, showcasing the latest in mechanical technology and production line industry, is aimed at procurement of leading ASEAN industrial components. This year, it is co-organized with Subcon Thailand 2024, a prominent ASEAN industrial parts exhibition and business matchmaking event, along with Plastics & Rubber Thailand 2024, the regional plastic industry event. Additionally, the inaugural IAR (Industrial Automation and Robotics Event) and TyreXpo Asia 2024, the most comprehensive tyre industry network event in Asia-Pacific, are included. All these events collectively serve as a vital cog in propelling Thailand towards a 'new economic system' and a significant step towards global industrial leadership.

Source: HIT 2 PUBLIC

Intermach - Subcon Thailand 2024 is now open.