Ready for 'TyreXpo Asia 2024,' the event that covers everything about the 'tyre industry.' Held for the first time in Thailand, it aims to push Thailand to become a global market leader."

Wednesday 15 May 2024 16:57
Informa Markets Thailand, in collaboration with the Rubber Authority of Thailand, Tarsus Group, and industry partners, connects Thailand to the global market, enhancing opportunities and preparing for the growth of the tire industry at "TyreXpo Asia 2024," held for the first time in Thailand.
Ready for 'TyreXpo Asia 2024,' the event that covers everything about the 'tyre industry.' Held for the first time in Thailand, it aims to push Thailand to become a global market leader.

Captain Thammanat Prompao, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, stated that in recent years, the tyre market in Thailand has grown in response to market demand. The Thai government has supported the tyre industry, focusing on expanding opportunities through initiatives to increase tyre manufacturing plants and implementing measures to stimulate investment. Additionally, emphasis has been placed on research and development. The timely "TyreXpo Asia 2024" event will help propel the industry in this direction. Earlier in 2024, documents were issued for economic plants, such as rubber trees, to certify their presence in various areas. This expands opportunities for farmers to access land for cultivation, converting assets into capital for rubber farming, and propelling Thailand to become a global raw material producer, thereby enhancing the balance of the Thai rubber industry's supply chain for future growth.

"Today, the rubber industry is progressing with great potential. We have renowned rubber manufacturers in Thailand recognized in the global market. Modern technology and innovations have been integrated, considering the dimension of sustainability in line with regulations like the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR). Therefore, building on this foundation and exploring new opportunities for Thai entrepreneurs through such events is a crucial step in maintaining leadership and efficiency in meeting the anticipated increasing demand for rubber. It also serves as a vital mechanism for future environmental protection. This is what all sectors are collectively moving forward with." stated Captain Thammanat Prompao

Mr. Nakorn Tangavirapat, Governor, Rubber Authority of Thailand (RAOT), stated that (RAOT), as the central organization dedicated to managing Thailand's entire rubber industry sustainably and with responsible resource management, recognizes the importance of balancing economic growth with environmental care. We are committed to enhancing the capabilities of rubber farmers, agricultural institutions, and entrepreneurs within the rubber industry to improve the quality of raw materials and rubber products to meet global standards. This will lead to increased income and elevate the quality of life towards sustainability. Thus, the TyreXpo Asia 2024 event will serve as a platform for collaboration and an opportunity to further develop the Thai rubber industry through innovations and advancements in automotive rubber technology, which are essential for driving economic growth and development.

"This international tyre expo is a crucial stepping stone in elevating the Thai rubber industry to meet increasing market demands. It will enhance the entire Thai rubber supply chain—from upstream to midstream to downstream—boosting growth and establishing a competitive edge as a leading player in the global rubber industry," added Mr. Nakorn.

Mr. Patrapee Chinachoti, Co-Chairman of Informa Markets Thailand, stated that "TyreXpo Asia 2024" is being held for the first time in Thailand under the concept of "Your One-Stop Show for Tyres, Automotive Repair & Maintenance and Tyre Accessories." Within the event, attendees will find over 250 leading brands related to the tyre industry and associated sectors from more than 90 companies. The event also features an international conference on rubber retreading knowledge and innovation (Retreading Conference) and a Tyre Business Forum, which aims to augment strategic insights and foster business opportunities, thus giving Thai entrepreneurs a competitive edge in the future. This event uniquely gathers manufacturers, buyers, sellers, and industry partners under one roof, extensively supported by both the public sector, led by the Rubber Authority of Thailand, and the private sector, including various industry associations. This aims to "connect the supply chains of the global rubber industry," positioning Thailand as a central hub in creating a business network within the event.

Visit and be a part of driving the tire industry forward at "TyreXpo Asia 2024," the first and only event set to transform the Thai tire industry into a player in the global economy. The event is being held from today until May 17, 2024, at Hall 98, BITEC, Bangkok. For news updates and event details, visit

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Ready for 'TyreXpo Asia 2024,' the event that covers everything about the 'tyre industry.' Held for the first time in Thailand, it aims to push Thailand to become a global market leader.