CP Foods Upskills SME Suppliers, Bolsters Stringent Food Production Standards

Monday 27 May 2024 16:34
Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) continues bolstering the capabilities of its small and medium enterprise (SME) partners in the food supply chain through the second year of its "PARTNER TO GROW…Sustainably Together" initiatives. The company's Corporate Food Quality Assurance division organized the "Quality Day Together" workshop, equipping entrepreneurs who supply raw materials, particularly SMEs, with best practices for advanced quality control and food safety standards that meet international criteria for social and environmental responsibility.
CP Foods Upskills SME Suppliers, Bolsters Stringent Food Production Standards

This initiative fortifies global consumer confidence while creating opportunities and enhancing the competitiveness of Thai SME entrepreneurs, enabling them to thrive on the world stage. By imparting comprehensive knowledge on quality assurance, root cause analysis in production processes, and systematic corrective measures based on international principles, CP Foods elevates the management of high-quality, safe food ingredient production processes in line with global standards.

Wilailuck Klodpeng, Head of Corporate Food Quality Assurance at CP Foods, emphasized the company's unwavering focus on continuously nurturing the potential of small business partners and SMEs, which constitute the foundation of their food production chain. This strategic collaboration fosters sustainable opportunities and collective success. This year, CP Foods partnered with the British Standards Institution (BSI) to conduct comprehensive training workshops tailored for business partners engaged in producing food ingredients, seasonings, and packaging materials. These immersive sessions empowered entrepreneurs with invaluable insights into advanced quality assurance methodologies, root cause analysis techniques for production processes, and the systematic implementation of corrective and preventive measures adhering to internationally recognized approaches.

Wilailuck highlighted that this concerted effort aims to elevate the management of high-quality, safe food ingredient production processes, aligning them with rigorous global standards. By equipping its business partners with cutting-edge knowledge and best practices, CP Foods reinforces its commitment to driving operational excellence throughout the supply chain, ensuring consistent delivery of superior products to consumers worldwide.

"These activities underscore the importance of our SME partners aligning with CP Foods' vision," said Wilailuck. "Together, we can elevate production standards and raw material quality to meet strict criteria for product excellence and sustainability. Guided by the 'Good products require good raw materials,' concept, our collaboration drives food quality and mutual growth."

Moreover, CP Foods honored three outstanding SME partners with the prestigious Supplier Quality Engagement Awards 2023. This recognizes their commitment to elevating raw material quality and consistently meeting stringent standards. CP Foods also commended three dedicated SME partners for their tireless collaboration in improving and enhancing production processes.

The "Quality Day Together" workshop is part of the "PARTNER TO GROW...Sustainably Together" program, now in its second consecutive year. It underscores CP Foods' commitment to sustainable sourcing policies, nurturing competitiveness and sustainable practices among its supply chain partners, fostering mutual growth. Through collaborative development, the company aims to enhance SMEs' operational excellence, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship, driving collective sustainable progress.

Chaithawee Samanya, Managing Director of Chai Charoen Fresh Company Limited, said, "The Quality Together Day activity benefits fresh vegetable producers who must focus on quality, safety, and chemical-free. It helps small operators implement good practices to improve and increase their operational efficiency, enabling them to deliver products that meet CP Foods' requirements."

Paisarn Somsri, Managing Director of Ying Paisarn Agriculture Company Limited, added, "CP Foods assists farmer partners in gaining knowledge about international standard production systems and enables them to implement these practices for producing and supplying fresh, clean, safe, and chemical-free agricultural products. Importantly, this helps reduce losses from substandard quality products."

Pathawee Mapaisarnsin, Quality Assurance Manager at M.P. Food Production Company Limited, added, "The knowledge from experts helps enhance the capabilities of medium-sized raw food material producers, providing them with principles for accurately analyzing and resolving issues that arise. They can efficiently improve and develop their products to meet customer demands. This enables operators to reduce costs and increase revenue."

Source: Charoen Pokphand Foods

CP Foods Upskills SME Suppliers, Bolsters Stringent Food Production Standards