TikTok Shop supports Thai fashion brands growing on Global runway. Setting the stage with TikTok Shop l Em District Exclusive Runway presents a special collection exclusively for TikTok Shop

Tuesday 28 May 2024 15:45
Emphasizing its Trendy and Saving platform, pushing Thai brands toward success through shoppertainment
TikTok Shop supports Thai fashion brands growing on Global runway. Setting the stage with TikTok Shop l Em District Exclusive Runway presents a special collection exclusively for TikTok Shop

TikTok Shop, the leading e-commerce solution in Southeast Asia, continues to support the Thai fashion industry in becoming a key pillar of the Creative Economy. Recently, they prepared to organize the Pink Carpet event, "TikTok Shop | Em District Exclusive Runway, Updating the New Look: Match in Every Style," on June 5, 2024, from 5:30 to 9:00 p.m. on the M floor of SPHERE GALLERY1 at EMSPHERE. This event, 2nd round in 2024, will infuse Shoppertainment to the Thai fashion industry and add value, helping it grow on the global platform. TikTok Shop has opened a space for Thai fashion brands and TikTok creators to showcase special collections for fashionistas, available exclusively on TikTok Shop.

From Trendy Runway to Exclusive Runway

TikTok Shop's first offline fashion show reflects the interest and growth of the fashion industry in the O2O (online-to-offline) format, with the event's hashtag reaching 30 million views. Today, it has evolved into the TikTok Shop | Em District Exclusive Runway, where 'Experience' and 'Call to Action' occur on the same platform. This event leverages TikTok Shop's strengths to transition from discovery to decision in seconds, creating an infinity loop shopping experience that supports the fashion ecosystem's growth. Fashion and social commerce go hand in hand. According to the TikTok Creative Center, trending products in TikTok's fashion category include "casual dresses" and "clothes," which rank among the top 10 products. More exclusive products are expected to be available on the platform from now on.

Allow fashionistas on TikTok who love trendy and cost-saving options to update their Pink Carpet look before anyone else.

TikTok Shop is set to please fashion enthusiasts by adding Thai-branded products from the TikTok Shop | Em District Exclusive Runway event. These items are available exclusively to TikTok users, making it the first and only place in Thailand to offer such an experience. Complete the O2O shopping experience perfectly with clothing, bags, and accessories from new collections by brands such as URTHE, Wrangler, Lee, Fabrique.co, SARIN, Sisterfabrics, Painkiller, Moo Bangkok, Ponystone, and more.

Miss Kornnikar Niwatsaiwong, Head of FMCG E-Commerce at TikTok Shop Thailand said "Data from the Creative Economy Agency reveals that in 2021, businesses in the fashion industry generated approximately 390 billion baht in revenue, had exports valued at over 220 billion baht, and employed approximately 750,000 people, reinforcing the importance of this industry to Thailand's economy. This aligns with TikTok Shop's goal of supporting Thai businesses, as it views the Thai fashion industry as the foundation of the Creative Economy that helps drive the country. Currently, TikTok Shop offers a variety of trendy Thai fashion products, including clothing, bags, accessories, and other highly popular categories among Thais and foreigners. We are confident that this TikTok Shop | Em District Exclusive Runway event will inspire businesses in the fashion industry and Thai designers recognize the value and benefits of Social Commerce. It is more than just an online shopping platform but has also expanded into a Fashion Community that creates new opportunities for businesses. Get ready for Shoppertainment.

TikTok Shop is ready to promote the identity and potential of Thai fashion products to consumers around the world. We are committed to supporting Thai businesses and shops in creating quality fashion products and providing opportunities for brands and creators to connect and collaborate. Together, they will promote the fashion industry (F-Fashion) as a key driver of the country's soft power. This initiative leads to creating new, trendy business opportunities and exchanging fashion knowledge, while applying social commerce from various perspectives.

Two rising star Thai fashion and lifestyle brands reveal that TikTok Shop provides significant opportunities for the fashion industry, preparing to release new collections on stage via live streaming for the first time.

ATIPA, a Thai brand currently famous on social media, is preparing to launch a special collection of exclusive products at this event. The brand emphasizes realness, consistent and accurate product recommendations, and sincere customer engagement as the core of its e-commerce success. Ms. Fern-Atipa Thewabanchaprasert, the brand owner of ATIPA, said "Today's fashion market is very competitive, and designs can be copied surprisingly quickly. Therefore, ATIPA's main strategy is to target a diverse group of female customers by using models with different bodies to match the various looks of our customers. We believe in 'Real Size Beauty,' where any body type can wear our clothes. We focus on everyday wear at affordable prices, which allows us to expand our customer base without size limitations. TikTok Shop has significantly increased awareness of the ATIPA brand, helping it grow and becomes widely known in just a few months. It also provides an opportunity for brands to quickly learn and create fashion trends, making ATIPA's products popular and generating high sales of 20-30 million baht per month."

For the TikTok Shop | Em District Exclusive Runway event, ATIPA will focus on fresh designs and trendy products that clearly reflect the brand's character, making them irresistible to customers. The new collection to be launched is 'Be Street Be Strong', inspired by the fashion of the 2000s, targeting young women aged 18-30 who appreciate the sexiness of 'Play Safe.'

TPARTNER Luggage is another popular luggage fashion brand known for its emphasis on quality and service. The brand is preparing to launch its latest collection of products with the renowned presenter, Yoshi Rinrada Thuraphan, exclusively on this stage, highlighting the importance of continuously expanding the customer base and continuing to raise awareness are challenges in today's fashion industry. Ms. Mud-Siriprapa Phudeethip, TPARTNER Luggage Sales Manager, sees this challenge as manageable by leveraging the full potential of the e-commerce platform.

"We consider TikTok Shop as the leading e-commerce solution in Thailand. With new features and projects continually enhancing TPARTNER's marketing efforts, we utilize the Ads feature within the TikTok platform to reach a significantly broader target audience than before. This helps us to continuously engage in various customer groups. Moreover, the platform's backend system is continuously evolving. One of TikTok's highlights is its ability to serve as both an entertainment source and a marketplace, enabling TPARTNER to interact with target groups, from product presentations to generating sales and beyond. Additionally, functionalities such as affiliate marketing and KOL marketing are all integrated into one platform."

This event will feature 11 leading Thai fashion brands showcasing their exclusive works, available only on TikTok Shop. Special activities include an Exclusive Collection fashion show featuring renowned brands on TikTok, alongside top TikTok creators such as Spritebababi, Flukkaron, Miyaatc, and Sordorstyle. Artists and performers including DAOU Pittaya, MEYOU, LYKN, SILVY Pavida, CHAMOOK Suchanan, and Engfa & Charlotte will grace the catwalk. The event will conclude with an exclusive concert by PERSES and VIIS.

TikTok users can watch the TikTok Shop | Em District Exclusive Runway event via livestream on @TikTokShop_TH. Additionally, you can join the happiness campaign tied to their birth month. Celebrating the 2nd anniversary of TikTok Shop in Thailand, TikTok Shop 6.6 Happy Birthday offers Thai customers more value with fashion products through Brand Crazy Deals, featuring discounts of up to 80% and live coupons for up to 50% off. Furthermore, enjoy free delivery service across Thailand every day from June 3-6 this year.

Source: PC & Associates Consulting