Capturing hearts of Gen Z worldwide! SAPPE names K-Pop boy band "SEVENTEEN" as its "First Global Brand Ambassador" for Mogu Mogu

Wednesday 29 May 2024 11:09
Sappe Public Company Limited or SAPPE has officially named the world's leading K-Pop boy band "SEVENTEEN" , who is on the top of the list of K-Pop boy group brand value ranking, as its "First Global Brand Ambassador" for its flagship drink "Mogu Mogu". As part of the roles, the 13 members of SEVENTEEN will be the representatives of "Fun" and "Lively" for SAPPE's fruit juice with coconut jelly Mogu Mogu, the favorite drink in several countries, through the "Sip Chew Feel Mogu Mogu" campaign. This reflects the strong global success of SAPPE that currently exports beverages to around 100 countries worldwide.
Capturing hearts of Gen Z worldwide! SAPPE names K-Pop boy band SEVENTEEN as its First Global Brand Ambassador for Mogu Mogu

SAPPE CEO Ms. Piyajit Ruckariyapong said "Mogu Mogu has received a very warm welcome in the foreign market, thanks to its difference and uniqueness that we are the world's first beverage maker that introduced a drink mixing with big pieces of coconut jelly or so-called "Snack Drink" to the market in 2001. Until now, more than 30 billion bottles of Mogu Mogu were distributed to global consumers while we have been trying to carry out the marketing and expand sales channels to reach the consumers comprehensively."

SAPPE has made another important step to become a "Global Brand" after the company was able to make continuous growth in the foreign market, receiving wide acceptance among the customers with its innovative strategies like the "France First" model in Europe and the "Korea First" in Asia through the Global Influencer Marketing strategy and the product tie-in in K-Dramas on Netflix. These initiatives have created viral trends at the regional and global levels, positioning South Korea and France as the "Main Influencers" in their respective regions.

To strengthen Mogu Mogu's global presence, SAPPE this year will introduce the "Sip Chew Feel Mogu Mogu" campaign as its first global campaign in brand communication. The campaign will kick off in South Korea and France, which are the "Key Countries" and the important "Trend Setters", to increase its Brand Engagement with the customers in both countries through the product and SEVENTEEN, its Global Brand Ambassador with prevailing popularity across the globe. The company also jointly conducted a "Brand Health Check" with Milieu Insight, a well-known market research and data analytics company, to understand the customers' needs and bring them to help develop the marketing strategy at the global campaign level. In addition, SAPPE invited the global marketing agency DDB Worldwide Communication Group LLC, which is an Omnicom Group's affiliate, to help create relevant strategies and carry out activities throughout the campaign. This project is considered a major partnership of the world-class teams.

The SAPPE CEO added that with their iconic energy and positivity, SEVENTEEN will join hands with Mogu Mogu to reach out to the global audience and spread the 'fun' and the 'liveliness' the brand represents. Propelled by the K-pop group's popularity, Mogu Mogu hopes to further increase brand engagement, build a unique narrative, and expand its market.

The "Sip Chew Feel Mogu Mogu" campaign is the company's biggest-ever campaign at the global level. The 13 members of SEVENTEEN will represent Mogu Mogu in communicating with people worldwide through TVC and numerous marketing tools. Furthermore, various forms of fun will be arranged for the fans, such as special gifts from Mogu Mogu, Mogu Mogu Special Pack Limited Edition. SAPPE expects that all activities in the campaign will help increase brand engagement by 25%.

"All of this, we intend to create happiness and fun for the fans of Mogu Mogu and SEVENTEEN around the world. It is the significant beginning in building Mogu Mogu, to become the beloved brand at the global level from now on".

Source: MT Multimedia

Capturing hearts of Gen Z worldwide! SAPPE names K-Pop boy band SEVENTEEN as its First Global Brand Ambassador for Mogu Mogu