LINE MAN Launches Eco-Friendly "No Condiments" Feature in Food Delivery

Monday 10 June 2024 17:27
LINE MAN has introduced the "No Condiments" green choicefeature for food delivery service, following the success of its "NoPlastic Cutleries" feature. This new feature has already reducedover 20 million condiment packets in two months. The companyaims to reduce 4,200 tons of plastic and food waste annually fromfood delivery service and expand the number of eco-friendlyrestaurants on its platform to 100,000 by the end of 2024.Mr. Yod Chinsupakul, CEO of LINE MAN Wongnai, highlightsthe critical importance of tackling environmental challenges.According to the Pollution Control Department, Thailand producesaround 2.76 million tons of single-use plastic waste each year. Inresponse, LINE MAN Wongnai is prioritizing ESG principles in itsbusiness operations. Through technology and a widely accessibleplatform, we aim to sustainably address environmental concernsfor both users and merchants.
LINE MAN Launches Eco-Friendly No Condiments Feature in Food Delivery

After implementing the "No Plastic Cutleries" feature last year, wehave recently developed another feature called "No Condiments"on the LINE MAN app. This aligns with the Thai food culture,many enjoy seasoning their food with fish sauce, sugar, chilisauce, and other condiments. Now, users who prefer unseasonedmeals can inform restaurants directly. Since its launch, over 20million condiment packets have been saved. Noodle dishes seethe highest number of users opting out of condiments. It isexpected to reduce plastic waste from food delivery, includingplastic cutleries and condiment packets, by over 350 tons permonth or 4,200 tons annually.Moreover, LINE MAN Wongnai is teaming up with Doozy Online,Dezpax, gracz, and aro to introduce a biodegradable GreenPackaging program. Over the past three months, more than 1,300restaurants nationwide have joined this effort. These restaurantswill display the badge of "Eco-Friendly Restaurants" on the LINEMAN app, showing their dedication to environmentalsustainability. Additionally, collaborating with WWF Thailand'sPlastic ACTion (PACT), Plastic Smart Cities - TVA program toraise awareness about reducing plastic use in restaurants acrossfour areas in southern Thailand: Songkhla, Hat Yai, Surat Thani,and Koh Samui. By the end of 2024, LINE MAN Wongnai aims toincrease the number of eco-friendly restaurants on its platform to100,000.Ms. Preeyaporn Suwanaged, Director General of the PollutionControl Department (PCD),emphasized the importance of managing waste throughout theproduct life cycle, encouraging eco-design and the use ofenvironmentally friendly materials from the start. PCD is encouraging everyone, including food suppliers and consumers,to change their behavior by using packaging only as necessary,and reducing unfriendly usage of items like plastic bags, straws,cutlery, foam containers, and condiment packets. This can

minimize disposal needs and promote plastic reuse, makingwaste management simpler. Therefore, Food delivery platformsintroducing features to decline plastic cutlery and condiments arecrucial. They help change consumer habits and supportrestaurants in using more eco-friendly packaging. This positivechange can influence manufacturers to develop better-quality andmore affordable eco-friendly packaging.Ms. Soracha Puangpat, owner of Pad Thai Roi Ha Kung Ten,one of the participating restaurants, shared that an increasingnumber of customers are prioritizing environmental concerns.Approximately 30% of LINE MAN orders choose not to receivecondiments and cutleries. The restaurant has been using eco-friendly packaging such as paper and banana leaves instead ofplastic for over six years, ensuring no harmful residues forconsumers and easy biodegradability, thus protecting theenvironment. This practice also adds unique value to therestaurant.

Source: ChomPR