Free Online Seminar: Strategies for Building and Nurturing a Thriving Community

Monday 10 June 2024 17:51
Strategies for Building and Nurturing a Thriving Community
Free Online Seminar: Strategies for Building and Nurturing a Thriving Community

Building and nurturing a thriving community requires more than just enthusiasm; it demands strategic planning, engagement, and continuous nurturing. To share invaluable insights on successful community building, is excited to announce an upcoming webinar titled "Strategies for Building and Nurturing a Thriving Community."

The webinar, scheduled for June 28, 2024, at 2 pm, will bring together leading community builders who will share their experiences and strategies. 

Attendees will learn from these leading community builders:

  • Suchitra (Rimi) Siriaornsarp, President & Co-Founder of Lionesses Of Siam (LOS)
  • Mike Darnell, Founder of - Benign Business Community
  • Dr. Manisha Bose, Founder of We-Women Network
  • Ted Thetnaungsoe, Founder of Our Startup Community

"We are thrilled to bring together distinguished speakers to share their knowledge and strategies that are essential for creating and maintaining vibrant communities," said Pacharee Pantoomano, Managing Director of "We believe that strong communities are the foundation of successful brands. This webinar is part of our education program to support businesses and leaders who are developing and building their communities to make a positive impact."

"Building a community is about creating a space where people feel valued and heard. This webinar will help you understand the core principles of community building and how to apply them effectively." Suchitra (Rimi) Siriamornsarp

"The World Health Organization says loneliness is as deadly as Smoking. Creating communities saves lives! That gives my life purpose. It's an amazing rush." Mike Darnell

"Empowering individuals, particularly women, through community is a powerful catalyst for change. Our discussions will focus on practical steps to nurture this empowerment by sharing knowledge and providing supportive platforms that strengthen the community." Dr. Manisha Bose

"Startups and communities thrive on collaboration and shared vision. This webinar is an opportunity to learn how to build a community that supports innovation and growth." Ted Thetnaungsoe

Interested participants can register for the webinar at

Source: Brandnow