Plus Property elevates 'Luxury Management' standards Fulfills appeal of luxury developments with 25 new management projects

Tuesday 11 June 2024 16:44
Plus Property Company Limited reinforced its position as the country's No.1 in property management services, particularly management of residential projects, after having been entrusted to manage 25 new projects with as much as 48 percent of which being luxury projects, just in the first five months of this year. In the second half of the year, PLUS is set to move forward with more management agreements, with the emphasis on being the Thai company whose operational standards are internationally recognised, combined with the expertise and experience in the current management of several luxury residential projects. The Company operates with "Customised Services" and "Design Experience" to suit each and every project in response to all lifestyle needs of the residents.
Plus Property elevates 'Luxury Management' standards Fulfills appeal of luxury developments with 25 new management projects

Ms Naruemon Arporntanakul, Assistant Managing Director for Residential Project Management, Plus Property Company Limited, the expert full-service professional property and facility management agency, revealed, "This year PLUS still follows the 'Quality Framework' business direction - Develop a holistic work system with the focus on quality-led growth, bringing out the expertise capability, integrating technology and the understanding of market needs to expand the business. We recognise our business opportunities by applying knowledge, service ability, customer care, as well as building management under PLUS standards that we can use to provide services to other condominium operators or owners.

"Throughout the past, we have always been committed to delivering the best service experience of 'PLUS Luxury Management' to customers, while never stopping to offer innovations, as evidenced in the addition of services such as 'Plus Concierge' for the convenience of customers, and receiving enthusiastic response. Therefore, as manifest from the operating results in the first five months of the year, we have been entrusted with the management of more luxury projects, increasing by 17 percent compared to last year. This has given us the confidence in our business direction, so much so that we have become more determined to raise the level of services to continue to fulfill every dimension as demanded by the residents in the luxury project group well into the future."

Ever ready to adjust aggressively to meet market demand

PLUS constantly responds to the demand of deluxe projects, reinforcing its leadership in luxury management, delivering services to customers exactly as desired, creating a superiority over competitors by laying out strategies that help drive the market in two areas:

  1. Uplifting Luxury Standard: Raises the quality of service to a higher level, to meet the demand of a luxury lifestyle,through the PLUS Eduplex Institute that provides intensive personnel development courses, particularly the "Luxury Management and Guest Experience Programme" that nurtures employees to have Luxury DNA, taught by expert instructors from within the organisation who have been intensively coached by world-famous masters in the field, namely, Mr. Thomas Kaufmann and Mr. Gary Williams, who have created eminent butlers, both in Asia and Europe, and the "Master the Exquisite Care Curatorial Course", which is the art of caring for high-value assets taught by experts from the Fine Arts Department, etc. Additionally, the Company has a team of "Luxury Auditors" to look after standard control, to evaluate quality in various areas, including safety, service, physical works and the esthetics of the projects, as well as to integrally fulfills a variety of other needs.
  2. Luxury Service Design: Designs a living experience that can be felt from the moment the residents step into the project, through the "Sensory Design" uniquely created to be outstanding and perfectly suitable for individual project concepts, to increase the sense and atmosphere of livability within the project, to elevate the appeal of the projects above competitors. We also pay close attention to "Lifestyle Solutions" that are most suitable for the lifestyles of the residents. These include the planning and organisation of appropriate activities within the projects, such as organising afternoon tea during weekends, and seasonal activities including New Year and Halloween parties, as well as selecting specific hotel-quality services to help take care of the homes, including cleaning services, landscaping, garden decorations, swimming pool cleaning, etc., so as to deliver the ultimate experience to residents.

"PLUS provides full-service building management services, targeting customers in the luxury residential market and consultancy service for developers of residential projects who want to promote luxury services as a selling point, but still lack the experience and expertise in designing appropriate services. There are still many such cases that needed to be serviced. At present, Plus Property Co., Ltd. manages more than 400 residential projects, representing a combined land area of more than 20 million square metres, reinforcing  the success in professional project management. Confidence is at an all-time high in the second half of this year in regard to continued success in the residential project management business, covering condominium projects, detached-house projects, and townhome projects.

"Those interested may inquire about our complete portfolio of services by calling 02-688-7555 and on the website" Ms. Naruemon added.

Source: Plus Property

Plus Property elevates 'Luxury Management' standards Fulfills appeal of luxury developments with 25 new management projects