CP Foods' 'Compartment' System Ensures Space-Standard Food Safety for Chicken Meat

Wednesday 19 June 2024 13:01
Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) applies disease-free farming practices called the "Compartment" system, adhering to international standards. This approach strengthens disease prevention and surveillance in poultry farms, ensuring that meat and food products delivered to consumers are of the highest safety. Consumers can be confident in CP Foods' products, which are disease-free, safe, and chemical-free, thus creating food security for the world's population.
CP Foods' 'Compartment' System Ensures Space-Standard Food Safety for Chicken Meat

Dr. Payungsak S. Tanagul, DVM, Deputy Director of Standard and Regulation at CP Foods, explained that the company has been applying compartment standards since 2006, following the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH) guidelines. This strict implementation aims to elevate the level of protection and surveillance of farm poultry to ensure they are healthy and safe from various epidemics, especially bird flu (Avian Influenza). This standard system has kept poultry protected and healthy, with no disease outbreaks on the farm for over 15 years.

"CP Foods places the utmost importance on the quality and safety of food products. Raising chickens is given great importance regarding animal welfare. Additionally, the disease prevention system is strong and effective. The compartment system is one of the proactive measures in creating maximum confidence for consumers," said Dr. Payungsak.

The principles of the compartment system involve effective control measures and strong disease prevention and surveillance. The system emphasizes four main measures:

1. Biosecurity Management System: This measure focuses on risk assessment related to people, animals, vehicles, and objects entering the farm. CP Foods implements strict measures beyond general disease prevention standards to assess the risks specific to each farm in different areas, considering various factors and the risk of bird flu entering farms.2. Surveillance of Bird Flu: This involves monitoring bird flu on the farm and within a 1-kilometer radius according to the requirements of the Department of Livestock Development. The status of the chicken flock is checked for diseases based on laboratory testing. CP Foods' broiler farms collect samples to check for diseases and verify the bird flu status before placing the chickens and before sending them to the processing plant.3. Compartment Disease Control Measures: These measures aim to prevent disease outbreaks and include an emergency plan. The compartment system allows for quick identification of problem statuses with an early warning system.4. Traceability System: This system ensures the status of the chickens is known. The main principles include following up on information, investigating, analyzing problems, and planning future directions for the traceability process in the production chain.

Dr. Payungsak added that the compartment system is another guarantee of food safety and success in preventing bird diseases, a principle that CP Foods has always adhered to. This makes CP's chicken meat gain the trust of consumers. Additionally, CP's chicken meat is certified to the Space Food Safety Standard, aligning with the food safety criteria of NASA, ensuring safe, disease-free, substance-free food of the highest standards for consumers.

Source: Charoen Pokphand Foods