Shell Enhances Production Capacity at Grease Manufacturing Plant in Thailand

Monday 24 June 2024 16:32
Shell has announced a strategic investment aimed at upgrading the production capacity and efficiency of its grease manufacturing plant in Thailand. This initiative underscores Shell's commitment to sustainable growth in the lubricants business. With a triple production capacity - from 5,000 tonnes to up to 15,000 tonnes per year - the plant will be able to supply over half of Thailand's domestic demand and markets in over 40 countries across the Asia-Pacific.
Shell Enhances Production Capacity at Grease Manufacturing Plant in Thailand

Jason Wong, Executive Vice President for Global Lubricants at Shell, said, "Shell Lubricants is committed to 'Keep the World Progressing Today for Tomorrow' through strategic investment and continuous innovation aimed at meeting global consumer needs, including those in Thailand. With the enhanced capacity and efficiency, we will be able to ensure supply security while supporting the economic growth of the country, enabling sustainable business growth for our partners, as well as powering industries in other countries in the region."

Shell has maintained its position as the world's leading lubricant supplier for 17th consecutive years. The company's competitive advantage lies in its ability to anticipated market trend and respond to evolving consumer demands. Shell annually sells over five billion litres of lubricants globally, offering a wide range of products across the Industrial, Commercial Road Transport, and Automotive sectors. These include the Helix, Rimula, Rotella, Pennzoil, Spirax, Tellus, and Omala brands, serving a customer base of approximately one million people across 160 markets worldwide through a large and extensive distributor network.

With enhanced production capacity, the grease manufacturing plant in Thailand will become Shell's largest grease manufacturing plant in Southeast Asia. This upgrade will also reinforce the plant's position as one of the strategic export hubs in the Asia-Pacific, bringing more value for our customers, and supporting Shell's strategic growth.

Dr. Sarawut Kaewtathip, Director-General, Department of Energy Business, Ministry of Energy, commented, "The Department of Energy Business is dedicated to fostering the business sector, enhancing energy security, and developing human potential. Shell is a global energy company with over 130 years history in Thailand, has brought innovation, technology, and expertise to develop new products that meet the needs of consumers and Thai society. Shell is contributing to advancing the energy industry and promoting fair trade in the market. The Department of Energy Business stands ready to support Shell's operations to promote economic growth and achieve energy security for Thailand, aligning with the government's policy to position Thailand's sustainability as the economic and industrial hub of Southeast Asia."

Kamolpat Baholyodhin, Executive Director - Lubricants Business, The Shell Company of Thailand Limited, added, "Thailand is a crucial market for Shell's business. In line with our commitment to delivering high-quality products to our customers and marking the 50th anniversary of Shell Thailand's Grease Manufacturing Plant, we are proud to support the business sector's growth by enhancing the capacity and efficiency of Shell's grease manufacturing plant in Thailand. This upgrade enhances our flexibility and enables us to design high-quality grease products that cater to the diverse needs of our customers across various industries, including manufacturing, construction, and sugar, reducing the need for imports."

Shell's grease plant is committed to reducing environmental impacts and promoting sustainability by using 100% solar energy, thereby reducing carbon emissions. The plant's machinery is highly efficient in heat transfer, reducing the need for hot oil by up to 20%, making the production process more energy-efficient and minimizing production waste (Zero Grease Waste).

"Shell Thailand has grown alongside Thai society for over 130 years. As a trusted partner, Shell continues to develop innovative lubricants products for automotive performance and sustainability, driving business growth. We collaborate sustainably across all sectors, benefiting Thailand, our partners, and customers. To develop and design this grease manufacturing plant for example, we are leveraging cutting-edge innovations, technologies, expertise, and experience from global hubs of Shell's engineering knowledge. This initiative promotes the transfer of advanced technological knowledge and specialized skills to Thai engineers and team members, upskilling their capabilities." Mr. Kamolpat concluded.

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Shell Enhances Production Capacity at Grease Manufacturing Plant in Thailand