Cybertruck Tour" Kicks Off at CentralWorld: Experience Groundbreaking Tech Until June 30, 2024, Expanding to 5 Central Shopping Centers in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Khon Kaen

Monday 24 June 2024 16:33
First time! Tesla, a world-class electric car brand, roadshow "Cybertruck Tour" at 5 Central shopping centers: Central Eastville (2-17 Jul 2024), Bangna (18-30 Jul 2024), Westville (31 Jul -13 Aug 2024), Chiang Mai (4-15 Sep 2024) and Khon Kaen (17-22 Sep 2024)Central World create a phenomenon welcoming world-famous brands from various industries, emphasizing strategic location in the heart of the city and Winning Positioning of being a landmark in the hearts of people around the world.Central Pattana Public Company Limited, Thailand's leading sustainable real estate developer and manager of Central shopping centers nationwide, joins in unveiling a world-class innovation with the "Cybertruck Tour" campaign. The full-size electric pickup truck, known for its unmatched strength and cutting-edge technology, is now available for Thai people to experience up close for the first time at CentralWorld. This further solidifies CentralWorld's reputation as a continuous provider of world-class experiences throughout the year. The "Cybertruck Tour" roadshow will be held at 5 Central shopping centers starting today until September 22, 2024. Click:
Cybertruck Tour Kicks Off at CentralWorld: Experience Groundbreaking Tech Until June 30, 2024, Expanding to 5 Central Shopping Centers in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Khon Kaen

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Chief Marketing Officer for Central Pattana plc, said: We are thrilled to showcase a world-class innovation experience featuring Tesla, a leading global innovator in electric vehicles (EVs), to introduce cutting-edge technology and provide the ultimate EV lifestyle experience. The launch of the Cybertruck Tour campaign allows both Thai locals and tourist to experience EV technology up close. Central World serves as the focal point, attracting target demographics with purchasing power, a crucial group for global brands looking to communicate and expand their presence in Thailand. Electric vehicles have rapidly become a megatrend driving global automotive markets, particularly in Thailand, where electric car sales surged by nearly 700% last year (data from the Thai Electric Vehicle Association, 2023).

"Central Pattana and Tesla have continuously delivered the future EV lifestyle experience. From launching the first Tesla Supercharger in Thailand, the largest in Southeast Asia, to hosting Tesla Pop-Up Stores that have garnered positive responses from both Thai locals and tourists, we are confident that the 'Cybertruck Tour' will ignite excitement and capture the attention of Thai people nationwide. stated Dr. Nattakit.

Globally Renowned Innovation Highlight: 'Cybertruck'

The most robust electric pickup truck, the 'Cybertruck,' debuted for the first time in 2019. Its exterior design resembles something out of this world, boasting a special stainless steel structure and high-impact-resistant armored glass. The vehicle's performance is well-suited for driving in all environments, with exceptional acceleration and driving stability through its electric power steering and rear-wheel steering assistance systems. Additionally, its spacious cargo area of up to 3,423.5 liters and towing capacity of 5 tons reflect cutting-edge technology akin to something from outer space. Packed with the most advanced technological features and entertainment options, the 'Tesla Cybertruck' truly embodies innovation at its finest.

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Source: Central Pattana