Jobsdb by SEEK reveals economic insights: Executive and Production Manager positions top jobs search keywords.

Wednesday 26 June 2024 16:54
More than 1,700 factories in Thailand are likely to close, leading to significant layoffs.Revealing professional resume writing techniques to capture employers' attention and increase chances of securing the desired jobs.Jobsdb by SEEK has unveiled insights from its platform indicating that many managers, executives, and production managers are actively searching for new employment opportunities. This trend, reflects the economic downturn and significant slowdown in Thailand's industrial sector during the first half of the year. Consequently, more than 1,700 factories are likely to close, leading to substantial layoffs. To assist job seekers, Jobsdb by SEEK offers professional resume writing techniques designed to capture employers' attention and enhance job prospects.
Jobsdb by SEEK reveals economic insights: Executive and Production Manager positions top jobs search keywords.

Ms. Duangporn Prom-on, Managing Director of Jobsdb by SEEK, highlighted that the most popular search terms on Jobsdb by SEEK's website,, mirror the current economic conditions and the slowdown in the production sector. As the leading job search platform with a database of over 3.7 million applicants in Thailand and more than 47.5 million page views, it was found that the most searched job positions in the first half of 2024 are managers, executives, and production managers.

The insights from Jobsdb by SEEK aligns with reports from the Federation of Thai Industries, which stated that in the first half of the year, over 360 Thai businesses have already closed their factories, amounting to an investment loss exceeding 9.4 billion baht and over 10,000 job layoffs. This represents an increase over the average of the past two years. Furthermore, there's a potential for an additional 700 factory closures if the government raises the nationwide minimum wage to 400 baht per day. These reports underscore a deteriorating Thai economy, particularly in the industrial sector, which faces competitiveness challenges, with factory closures rising from 1,100 to 1,700. Compounding these issues are increasing non-performing debts, posing significant economic risks for Thailand.

"Based on the most searched terms on Jobsdb by SEEK's website, which included manager, executive, and production Manager as the top searches in May, this aligns with the current economic slowdown in Thailand's industrial sector. Many employers are laying off many employees, and some are even closing down, as the Federation of Thai Industries reported. Meanwhile, Thailand's labor market remains fiercely competitive due to a growing population, exacerbating economic fluctuations. Whether in the workforce or recent graduates from various fields, individuals compete vigorously to secure suitable jobs with rewarding compensation." Ms. Duangporn commented.

"Therefore, all job seekers should prioritize professional resume writing and regularly updating their resume. This is like the first gateway to landing the right job and preferred position. Jobsdb by SEEK has recommended professional resume writing techniques to capture employers' hearts and increase the chances of landing a desired job. These techniques include:

  1. Demonstrating expertise in the relevant field.
  2. Setting career goals that align with your life goals.
  3. Tailoring resumes for different job positions or career paths.
  4. Connecting skills and experiences from previous positions to new ones.
  5. Including necessary details comprehensively."

For applicants seeking more details and additional effective resume writing techniques, Jobsdb by SEEK has set up a Resume Clinic at the 'JOB EXPO THAILAND 2024, the most entertaining Job Fair' held at the Sirikit National Convention Center, HALL 6 - 7 from June 28-30, 2024. The clinic aims to provide guidance on creating efficient resumes by experts. Moreover, there will be "Interview with Pro" sessions, allowing interested individuals to simulate real job interviews with experienced HR professionals. This initiative helps prepare candidates entering the job market. Additionally, Career Advice will be available, with teams offering consultations on job-related matters and various career paths. Visitors can also participate in activities within the booth, featuring special guest speakers who will provide additional insights during the event.

For those interested in participating in activities within the Jobsdb by SEEK booth at 'JOB EXPO THAILAND 2024, the most entertaining job fair,' or for tracking updates and details, please visit or You can also download the mobile application from Google Play Store or the App Store.


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