Kincentric Highlights the Power of Inclusive Leadership on Employee Engagement, Announces Thailand's Best Employers 2024

Thursday 27 June 2024 13:56
Kincentric (Thailand), a leading HR, organizational development, and leadership consulting firm and a Spencer Stuart company, has unveiled the latest trends in employee engagement and announced the recipients of the Kincentric Best Employers 2024 award in Thailand. The four honored organizations are: 1) Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, 2) Central Pattana Public Company Limited, 3) Coca-Cola Thainamthip, and 4) IHG (Thailand) Limited. These companies exemplify a continuous dedication to enhancing employee care and experience.
Kincentric Highlights the Power of Inclusive Leadership on Employee Engagement, Announces Thailand's Best Employers 2024

Dr. Adisak Chandprapalert, Managing Director and Partner of Kincentric (Thailand), commented, "Our survey results on employee engagement and satisfaction across various Thai organizations, conducted from late 2023 to early this year, revealed that the standout feature of the 2024 Best Employers in Thailand is the strategic direction communicated by approachable top executives. This approach enables employees to align their personal work goals with the organization's objectives amidst current economic changes and uncertainties. Additionally, there is a greater acceptance of diversity and openness to feedback. Middle management support, especially in leadership development, is crucial to addressing the diverse needs of individual team members. Furthermore, the HR departments in these organizations have structured, goal-oriented leadership development programs. These factors foster a sense of pride, belonging, and growth among employees, motivating them to excel within the organization."

Ms. Napas Sirivarangkul, Partner of Kincentric (Thailand), added, "Kincentric Best Employer award certifies that an organization excels in employee care. It not only signifies high employee engagement scores in the top quartile compared to all participating organizations but also that at least two out of three dimensions—Agility, Engaging Leadership, and Talent Focus—are in the top quartile of Thailand's overall sector. Additionally, we evaluate the readiness of HR systems and the strategic direction of the organization's business operations and people management. We hope this award will have a positive impact by boosting employee confidence and pride, inspiring many organizations to prioritize employee care, enhancing organizational reputation within the business sector, and attracting customers, investors, and potential talent."

The four Kincentric Best Employers this year are:

  1. Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited
  2. Central Pattana Public Company Limited
  3. Coca-Cola Thainamthip
  4. IHG (Thailand) Limited

Source: Kincentric