TCP Group organizes the "TCP WEnergy 2024" running event

Monday 01 July 2024 13:33
Uniting eco-friendly runners in restoring energy to the world
TCP Group organizes the TCP WEnergy 2024 running event

TCP Group is energizing an eco-friendly movement with "TCP WEnergy 2024," a running event under the 3R concept that encourages everyone to reduce - reuse - recycle, contributing to zero waste. This initiative encourages Thais to improve their health while caring for the environment, all under the "TCP WEnergy for the world" corporate campaign. Mr. Chadchart Sittipunt, Governor of Bangkok, presided over the event, which was joined by over 1,000 participants, including executives, employees, runners, and the public at the multipurpose area under the Rama VIII Bridge.

Ms. Arjaree Suwangool, Corporate Affairs & Communications Department Director of TCP Group, said, "TCP Group is advancing its mission under the 'TCP WEnergy for the world' corporate campaign by organizing the 'TCP WEnergy 2024' running event. This initiative aimsto encourage Thais to lead healthy lives while also caring for the environment through the most eco-friendly running event, which responds to sustainable development by offering everyone a chance to energize the environment under the 3R concept: reduce - reuse - recycle. Our goal is to achieve zero waste at this event. Throughout the year, we will organize activities to engage consumers and prioritize environmental awareness at every stage, emphasizing our commitment to promoting the circular economy and comprehensive waste reduction."

This year marks the inaugural "TCP WEnergy 2024," a running event prioritizing natural resource conservation and maximizing their benefits to achieve true zero waste. This encompasses minimizing waste generation, using eco-friendly materials, collecting used packaging materials for recycling, and upcycling materials into new products to increase their value.

Examples include running shirts made from over 26,000 recycled plastic bottles, and medals and plaques crafted from more than 67,700 recycled plastic bottle caps. Participants can also engage in a range of reduce - reuse - recycle activities, including:

  • Donating unused shirts to be recycled into new apparel, increasing resource value and utility.
  • Donating old medals to benefit those in need for reuse.
  • Providing a drop-off point for used beverage packaging for recycling, with a chance to win prizes. TCP Group's beverage packaging, including plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and glass bottles, is 100% recyclable.
  • Using event food packaging to produce energy instead of sending it to landfills, making this running event zero waste to landfill.
  • Upcycling all event canvas banners into cloth bags for lucky winners after the event.
  • Hosting a special Fancy Run competition and inviting runners to show their spirit of environmental conservation by dressing up in costumes made from recycled materials.
  • Holding a discussion forum on "Energizing an Eco-Friendly Movement."
  • Providing waste separation points to educate and engage participants in proper hands-on waste sorting.

The "TCP WEnergy 2024" event features two distances: a 5 km Micro Marathon and a 10 km Mini Marathon. The Mini Marathon winner will receive a prize of 3,000 baht and a plaque of honor, the top 10 finishers in the Micro Marathon will each receive an eco-friendly bag made from recycled washable paper, while the winner of the Fancy Run competition will be awarded 2,000 baht and a souvenir from TCP Group.

"We are delighted to see everyone demonstrating their energy and coming together to run and participate in activities that care for the environment. The 'TCP WEnergy 2024' event shows that everyone can contribute to restoring energy to the world. TCP Group will continue to provide energy through our beverages, enhancing both physical and mental strength, and encouraging everyone to join in doing good for the world. This reinforces TCP Group's Caring strategy for a better world for all," concluded Ms. Arjaree.

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Source: ABM Connect

TCP Group organizes the TCP WEnergy 2024 running event