Madai Fish Promotion

Monday 01 July 2024 14:05
The Emerald Coffee Shop of the Emerald Hotel invites Japanese food lovers, especially fish menu with "Madai fish" throughout July 2024 only.
Madai Fish Promotion

Madai or Japanese red snapper is a fish found in the Western Pacific Ocean, especially off the coast of Japan. The texture is soft, nutritious, low in calories and fat. Serving sushi, sashimi and Usuzuguri (sliced with ponzu sauce) styles included in the international buffet dinner between 6:00 - 10:00 p.m.

With oysters, blue crabs, sweet clams, river prawns, New Zealand mussels, etc., along with a delicious, spicy dipping sauce. The "Boiled Rice Corner", "Carving Station Corner, 7 Days, 7 Menus," pork knuckle, Truffle mushroom soup and foie gras sushi, wagyu, unagi, Grilled River prawns, tempura, teppanyaki, soft drinks, tea and coffee, Thai desserts, bakery items, ice cream and seasonal fruits. At a price of only 1,700 baht per person.

Special Offer : only 1,299 baht/person until 31st July 2024

For more information, kindly call 0-2276-4567, line @theemeraldhotel and

Source: The Emerald Hotel

Madai Fish Promotion