Saha Group and B.Grimm Join Forces to Drive Green Projects, Propelling "Kingsquare" as a Leader in Environmental Sustainability in Rama 3

Tuesday 02 July 2024 10:36
Saha Group furthers ESG commitment by partnering with B.Grimm to propel the "Kingsquare" project as a leader in creating a sustainable environment, enhancing quality of life and fostering community in Rama 3. The partnership will focus on the development and installation of electric vehicle (EV) parking at the "KingsQuare Residence" and solar panel roof installations at the "KINGSQUARE Community Mall".
Saha Group and B.Grimm Join Forces to Drive Green Projects, Propelling Kingsquare as a Leader in Environmental Sustainability in Rama 3

Mr. Jakkrit Santirattanakul, Managing Director of King Square Development Co., Ltd., We intend to create a community of kindness," fostering high living standards and a good community. The project is designed as a 'Curated Living Community,' comprising condominiums, a community mall that connects to the King's College International School Bangkok, and serviced apartment. To achieve the sustainability goals for the two pilot projects—"KingsQuare Residence" and "KINGSQUARE Community Mall"—Saha Group has partnered with B.Grimm, leveraging their expertise in renewable energy solutions. This partnership will develop and install EV parking at KingsQuare Residence, incorporating systems that support future expansion, and will also install solar panel roofs at KINGSQUARE Community Mall to promote renewable energy use and reduce carbon emissions.

"The signing of the memorandum of understanding between Saha Group and B.Grimm signifies our shared goal of developing Kingsquare into a leader in environmental sustainability, enhancing the quality of life and community in Rama 3," said Mr. Jakkrit.

Mr. Kitti Pattanaleenakul, President of B.Grimm Industrial Businesses, stated that this signing of the memorandum of understanding marks another significant step in enhancing the collaboration between Saha Group and B.Grimm. We will leverage our expertise in engineering and solutions for energy saving and improve living standards to help meet the vision of Saha Group, which aims to develop the organization towards sustainability in both business operations and the environment. Together, we will promote and develop "Kingsquare" project to become a leader in environmental sustainability in the Rama 3 area, in line with the Saha Group's goals.

B.Grimm's electric vehicle charging station solutions will cover everything from design, equipment procurement, and station installation to post-installation services. Additionally, the operating system will facilitate automatic charging and transactions, supporting future technologies such as Vehicle-to-Everything. It will also calculate the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from using electric vehicles, allowing the carbon credits generated from this reduction to be traded in the carbon market. Moreover, B.Grimm will provide other solutions for the Kingsquare project, such as solar systems, electrical systems, and fire alarm systems.

"B.Grimm and Saha Group have been long-term partners for several decades, continuously collaborating in various fields with a shared goal of developing energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. We focus on sustainable business growth through clean energy while delivering enduring value to society." said Mr. Kitti.

Source: Integrated Communication