CentralwOrld Joins Hands with POP MART Thailand proudly present the Hirono Bangkok Art Exhibition and Event, the largest of its kind. Dive into an immersive experience from 27th June to 22nd July, 2024, at CentralwOrld, spread across 2,400 square metres.

Tuesday 02 July 2024 14:00
Explore the story of "Hirono", a brave young boy reflecting the essence of "LANG", a Chinese artist known for his distinctive art that became a top 5 best-seller art toys at POP MART THAILAND.Encounter the towering over 3-metres-tall Hirono Gigantic Figure and its grand architecture that provides an escape from city chaos, along with 11 special illustrations titled "The room where he belongs."Experience the most magnificent international exhibition outside China, merging art, fashion, and limited-edition products exclusively at "CentralWorld," a unique global destination for this showcase.Central Pattana Public Company Limited, the operator of CentralwOrld shopping center Joins Hands with POP MART (Thailand) Company Limited, managed by POP MART INTERNATIONAL, is a major player in the production and distribution of top-tier global art toys. the managing entity of CentralWorld shopping centre, they are set to host the "Hirono Bangkok Art Exhibition and Event," acclaimed as the largest of its kind worldwide. This immersive event is meticulously curated to transport everyone into a world of emotion, where sensitivity is transformed into boundless inspiration. Exploring the narrative of Hirono and the inner realm within each individual, where everyone maintains their own sanctuary before venturing out to face a world brimming with chaos. This is an experience that cannot be easily discovered, as it has never been done before on such a grand scale, not even in China itself. The magnificent architectural structure of Hirono leaves everyone in awe, with its grandeur and simplistic design in white and blue tones creating a sense of peace and calm. Positioned as an urban oasis in heart of the city of Bangkok, allows all visitors to escape the chaos. The event debuted for the first time globally in Thailand between 27th June and 22nd July, 2024
CentralwOrld Joins Hands with POP MART Thailand proudly present the Hirono Bangkok Art Exhibition and Event, the largest of its kind. Dive into an immersive experience from 27th June to 22nd July, 2024, at CentralwOrld, spread across 2,400 square metres.

At the highly anticipated unveiling of the Hirono Bangkok Art Exhibition and Event, the distinguished presence of Pichai Chirathivat, Executive Director of Central Group, Dr. Nattakit Tangpoolsintana, the esteemed Chief Marketing Officer, and Mr. Isareit Chirathivat, Head of Fashion and Luxury Partner Management for Central Pattana plc, Ms. Siriporn Phaleangchanthuek, Country General Manager of POP MART (Thailand), Mr. Lang, the visionary artist behind the iconic character Hirono, sets the stage for an extraordinary event. Additionally, notable figures such as Maneechan Smithisomboon Head of B2B Marketing for Central Pattana plc, Pimporn Ngamkajornwiwat Asset Director (CTW) & Head of Business Transformation for Central Pattana plc, join forces alongside acclaimed artists, celebrities, and renowned personalities from diverse industries, along with a multitude of dedicated Hirono fan clubs. Together, they embark on a captivating journey of self-discovery amidst the vibrant setting of CentralWorld. With four distinct highlight zones, the Hirono Bangkok Art Exhibition and Event promises an immersive and enriching experience for all attendees.

The Hirono Bangkok Art Exhibition and Event is a vibrant showcase comprising 4 highlight zones that promise excitement from the very entrance. Visitors will be greeted by the Gigantic Figure exhibits, standing over 3 to 4 metres tall, sourced from the Reshape collection and Elephant in The Room directly from China. These pieces serve as perfect photo spots for visitors to capture lasting memories. Moreover, the entrance features a magnificent Installation Art zone meticulously designed and decorated by a diverse group of artists, aimed at narrating the stories blending between Hirono characters and the artists themselves.

In Zone 2, everyone will experience an exclusive fashion and lifestyle items, making their first global debut (except in China) available in wide selection inspired by the innovative design process. The artist reveals that Hirono's story aims to convey a lifestyle viewpoint in a world rife with uncertainty, highlighting a back-to-basics approach centered on nature and simplicity. It is the artists believe that this narrative acts as a personal tonic for resilience in the present, most auspicious era for all.

For fashion collection and lifestyle products. Hirono pulled his inspiration from the concept of "growth amidst abandoned wreckage." The choice of earth tones, moss green, and muted hues, as well as the use of techniques like washing and distressed details in the design of clothing, intentionally convey a worn-out or aged aesthetic. This deliberate approach aims to represent the fluidity, fusion, and resilience, or even growth, in an environment rife with chaos and confusion. Thus, the design inspiration truly originates from the realm of emotions.

In zone 2, Hirono fans can shop for fashion lifestyle items and limited collections, including t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, hoodies, denim jackets, trousers, caps, bucket hats, socks, tote bags, handkerchiefs, notebooks, and phone cases. Lifestyle products such as cushions, pillowcases, carpets, posters, and artwork should not be missed by fashionistas and art lovers, especially the special items exclusively available in Thailand, like the "Hirono Is Coming - Muay Thai T-shirt Thailand Limited" and the "Hirono Is Coming - Muay Thai Canvas Bag Thailand Limited" designed specifically for Thailand by LANG, inspired by the fighting spirit of Thai boxers, reflecting well with Hirono's personality using bright orange tones to evoke warm and exciting feelings among Thai fans eagerly awaiting the appearance of their beloved character.

Next up, everyone will have the opportunity to explore the special art exhibition called "The Room Where He Belongs," featuring artworks by the talented artist. This event offers a rare opportunity for all attendees to get up close and personal with 11 captivating pieces. There's also an opportunity for art lovers, collectors, and fans to own these remarkable artworks.

Lastly, a must-see section will showcase a diverse special Hirono Figure collection. This includes rare finds like the Hirono Elephant in the Room Figure Thailand Limited in a charming Wood Color design, Thailand exclusive. Other highlights include the Hirono x Polar Symbiosis Figure, Hirono x Keith Crossover, Hirono City of Mercy Series Gift Box, Hirono Reshape Figurine, Hirono Simpler Figure, The UFO Chaser, and the Hirono x Journey to the West Figurine in various sizes. Additionally, there are the most sought-after Hirono Figure V1 - V5, reproduction paintings with unique signatures (random numbers), an eye-catching posters and a special designed gift, exclusively made for Thai fans to add in their collection.

Following the indulgence experience of the exhibition, participant may experienced a revitalizing sensation through a diverse selection of hot beverage offerings meticulously curated by Greyhound Cafe for this occasion. The exquisitely designed packaging aligns seamlessly with the event's, for a selfie worthy moments.

Should you have any interest, exploring the "Hirono Bangkok Art Exhibition and Event" scheduled from June 27th June to 22nd July 2024, at the CentralWorld Square shopping center. The exhibition offers both walk-in and registration options to ensure a well-organized and secure visit. Kindly follow event updates and visitation guidelines on the official Facebook fan page "POP MART THAILAND."

Opening Hours: 10.00 - 22.00 Monday to Sunday (with possible special extended hours, follow an update on the Facebook fan page POP MART THAILAND).
At Central World Square (Outdoor Square A&B)

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CentralwOrld Joins Hands with POP MART Thailand proudly present the Hirono Bangkok Art Exhibition and Event, the largest of its kind. Dive into an immersive experience from 27th June to 22nd July, 2024, at CentralwOrld, spread across 2,400 square metres.