on a rainy day in July, their two separate worlds collide

Wednesday 03 July 2024 14:46
River City Bangkok proudly presents "A Cold Day in July", the first solo exhibition in seven years by the celebrated artist Art Jeeno. A three-time winner of the prestigious Japan International Manga Award, Art Jeeno masterfully translates the delicate and fragile essence of human emotions onto canvas, evoking a profound and heartfelt response in every viewer.
on a rainy day in July, their two separate worlds collide

'A Cold Day in July' is an English idiom that draws its roots from the stark contrast to reality, where July in Europe is the height of summer, rendering a cold day inconceivable. Likewise, in tropical regions like Thailand, July coincides with the rainy season, making the prospect of a cold day nearly impossible. Thus, "A Cold Day in July" elegantly conveys the notion of 'something impossible'.

In this exhibition, Art Jeeno masterfully blends his signature technique of manga-style storytelling with oil canvas to narrate tales of impossibility. Through the characters "He/Him" and "She/Her", who exist in the same world yet are utterly different in every dimension, the artist explores themes of contrast and divergence with profound artistic insight.

She… shines brilliantly among the crowd
He… hides away in a world of imagination
She… is lonely amidst the spotlight
He… finds warmth with his beloved cat friends

Their paths are like parallel lines that seem destined never to meet. Yet, on a rainy day in July, their two separate worlds collide, creating an endlessly heartwarming tale.

And July will never be the same again. Come, toss away your umbrella and let's dance in the rain together

Source: River City Bangkok