aedi.AI Introduces Cutting-Edge Vision AI Solutions in Thailand Amidst Cookieless Future

Thursday 04 July 2024 09:07
As the digital advertising world moves towards a cookieless environment, aedi.AI developed by AISUM, a leading Vision AI company from Korea, enters the Thai market with unique AI-driven solutions. These innovations promise enhanced ad placement and better e-commerce experiences without relying on retargeting, setting aedi.AI apart from competitors.
aedi.AI Introduces Cutting-Edge Vision AI Solutions in Thailand Amidst Cookieless Future

Transform to AI Era

Khun Arm, a 27-years-old office worker in Bangkok recently purchased a pair of Nikes last month. And bambards of product ads have been showing everywhere I browse for weeks.

'Sick and tired of the same product ads I bought already…'

This is not just her story but to anyone who has e-commerce experience. In a digital landscape that is rapidly evolving towards a cookieless future, the importance of innovative and privacy-conscious advertising solutions cannot be overstated.

Enter aedi.AI, a cutting-edge ad-tech platform from Korea, which is set to revolutionize the Thai advertising industry with its unique AI-powered technologies. This comes at a time when traditional retargeting methods are becoming obsolete, and the need for more sophisticated, privacy-respecting solutions is paramount.

Leverage AI Power in Advertising

Over the past decade, aedi.AI has been AISUM's top revenue-generating product in Korea, demonstrating exceptional performance and reliability. As an ad-tech platform utilizing advanced AI image matching solutions, aedi.AI has successfully executed thousands of campaigns with over 300 publishers and 1,000 advertisers in Korea. This solid track record, reinforcement learning with more than 290 million data, speaks volumes about its capability to deliver results without the need for cookies or invasive tracking methods.

Starting from the second half of 2023, aedi.AI is set to expand its groundbreaking solutions to the APAC region and the United States. Strategically, it has chosen Thailand as its launchpad within Southeast Asia, leveraging the country's well-developed mobile and e-commerce infrastructure. Unlike global giants like Google and Meta, which rely heavily on retargeting, aedi.AI offers a fresh approach by developing its own ad inventory with top Thai web publishers.

aedi.AI's product suite includes two standout tools that cater to the modern needs of advertisers and publishers:

  1. AI Product Matching: This tool directly matches sellers' products to images within articles, ensuring highly relevant ad placements that resonate with readers.
  2. AI Scene Matching: By utilizing a contextual matching tool that incorporates over 200 keywords from article texts, this solution ensures that ads are displayed in the most contextually appropriate environments, enhancing user engagement without the need for cookies.

Simply put, aedi.AI's solutions enable sellers to showcase their products within article images, aiming to attract consumers who are likely to click and purchase items that resemble those used by celebrities or artists. This approach not only respects user privacy but also enhances the shopping experience by providing highly relevant product recommendations.

Grow Together

Se-ryun Park, CEO of AISUM, emphasized the significance of their cookieless approach: "After experiencing large-scale data through our services in China, we identified substantial improvements in our domestic services. Now, we are confident that aedi.AI can handle any volume of data, from images to video, anywhere in the world. The more data we process, the sharper our optimization becomes, repeatedly verified through our delivery logic."

She added, "Based on this experience, aedi.AI will provide more revenue to sellers and a new shopping experience to customers in the Asian region. At the same time, AISUM is accelerating its expansion into the US market and Indonesia."

In Thailand, aedi.AI is forging strong partnerships with top 20 publishers, including Thairath, Kapook, Matichon, and Nation Group, while Shopee, the No.1 marketplace, has been the first advertiser. By attracting more prominent brands and working closely with local and multinational agencies like CJ Worx, Publicis, and Group M Thailand, aedi.AI is set to make a significant impact. Data from Aedi indicated that Shopee's ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) reached an impressive performance of 1,041% in May. Looking ahead, AISUM aims to expand its network across the Asian market, delivering competitive performance to both publishers and advertisers. This strategy is poised to increase the overall value of the digital advertising industry, making aedi.AI a key player in the cookieless future of online advertising.

Source:  Aisum