Huawei Digital Power Introduces New FusionCharge Liquid-cooled Power Unit for Ultra-fast Electric Vehicle Charging Solution in Thailand

Thursday 04 July 2024 16:53
Huawei Expands Focus to Address Digital Power Needs for Thai Industries and Households
Huawei Digital Power Introduces New FusionCharge Liquid-cooled Power Unit for Ultra-fast Electric Vehicle Charging Solution in Thailand

Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is driving the future of electric charging technologies with the launch of its revolutionary FusionCharge Liquid-cooled Ultra-fast Charging Solution, also known as the 'Liquid-cooled Power Unit', in Thailand. Announced during ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week (ASEW) 2024, this cutting-edge technology enables ultra-fast charging and energy storage solutions, with the first wave of power unit applications targeting high-speed electric vehicle (EV) charging at select petrol stations and shopping malls across Thailand, making EV charging faster and more convenient than ever before.

Following a successful rollout in China, this cutting-edge technology represents a significant leap forward for Thailand's growing smart technology infrastructure. The innovative liquid-cooling system ensures higher performance. The maximum power of the power unit reaches 720 kW and the charging current of a single connector is 500 A as well as quieter overall operation and a unit lifespan of up to 10 years, The power unit adopts a power sharing matrix to save the power grid capacity and improve power utilization rate. In addition, the reserved DC bus supports smooth coupling with an ESS in the future. This robust and reliable solution is ideal for EV charging stations, with Huawei aiming to expand the power units to business and residential applications in future.

Mr. Peng Peng, Vice President of Intelligent Electric Business Department, Huawei Digital Power said: "As a leader in renewable energy technologies and designer of intelligent digital power solutions for businesses and households, we are thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking Liquid-cooled Ultra-fast Charging solution to Thailand, marking a significant step towards the adoption of cost-efficient smart charging and clean energy solutions in Thailand. Ultra-fast charging is a common and ever-increasing need for passenger cars and commercial vehicles around the world. Our liquid-cooled power units greatly surpass existing solutions and address key pain points for EV adopters in terms of speed and convenience. This not only makes Huawei's EV charging the fastest on the market, but also exemplifies our commitment to deliver intelligent digital power solutions that drive clean energy transitions in line with our mission to support Thailand in achieving its sustainability targets."

The four main value pillars of the Liquid-cooled Power Unit include:

  1. Enhanced Charging: An improved power sharing matrix and double tier power pool means that each power unit operates at higher efficiency (up to 95.5%) while allocating power more intelligently.
  2. Superior Quality: A fully liquid-cooled system and electricity-isolated design means that each power unit has an operational service life of up to 10 years.
  3. Flexible architecture: The power units' modular design, power scalability, and multiple dispenser configurations make the units easily upgradable and able to support a range of different installation and application scenarios.
  4. Better experience: Ultra-fast EV charging capabilities guarantee unparalleled charging speeds of up to 720 kilowatts, enabling drivers to charge 200km of distance in just 5 minutes. Intelligent unit design also means that power units are also very quiet, operating at ?55dB@25?.*

Together with its partners, Huawei plans to build future-proof charging infrastructure across Thailand that supports the country's sustainable development and digital technology transition. In future, Huawei aims to expand the application of this innovative technology to encompass both business and household applications, building on Huawei's existing FusionSolar technologies, which include residential energy storage solutions, to create a sustainable smart charging environment that aims to support 60,000 Thai households by 2025.

Huawei, as a global leader in digital energy technology, provides services and solutions that are deployed in more than 170 countries, with a focus on energy storage, deployment, and safety measures in clean energy adoption. Huawei will support government agencies, enterprises, and households to deploy smart energy solutions, drive the move towards renewable energy transitions, and help Thailand meet its carbon neutrality goals. These targets are in alignment with Huawei's unwavering mission to 'Grow in Thailand, contribute to Thailand' and 'Unleash Digital for a Better Future'.

*The data is from laboratory. In actual use, the data may vary due to different vehicle models, software versions, operating conditions and environmental factors. The actual use shall prevail.

**The data is from laboratory. Power unit? 60 dB@25?C (Standard mode). In silent mode, the noise can be controlled below 55 dB, but the power may be derated depending on actual use.

Source: Carl Byoir & Associates