Always together, never apart HUAWEI and Haidilao delivers special dinner experience via Cloud Technology

Monday 22 February 2021 09:27
This year's Chinese New Year felt different. Due to the ongoing pandemic, many had to avoid visiting their hometown during the Chinese New Year and several restaurants limited the number of dine-in customers. The current situation led to an unexpected collaboration between leading technology company HUAWEI and Haidilao, famous hot pot brand from China, revolutionizing dining experience using Cloud technology. Utilizing the technology of the future to match with consumers' lifestyle, HUAWEI and Haidilao connected people who were far apart, so that they could seamlessly enjoy a special meal with their loved ones through a 4K HD smart screen.
Always together, never apart HUAWEI and Haidilao delivers special dinner experience via Cloud Technology

The remote Cloud dinner service from HUAWEI and Haidilao was launched in February 2021, coinciding with the festive Chinese New Year season. The service is available in Haidilao's restaurants in 57 cities such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing, including some of its chains in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. This pioneering collaboration allowed people to seamlessly remotely celebrate their Chinese New Year with friends and families.

The remote dinner service is enabled through "HUAWEI IdeaHub" smart screen that works in tandem with HUAWEI CLOUD Meeting, which also supports other cloud video conferencing platforms. HUAWEI IdeaHub comes with Multi-screen collaboration feature, is accessible through smartphones and laptops, and can support multiple log-in users at a time. The product allows for high-speed, low-latency communication with real-time interactive annotating function that makes conversation experience similar to a face-to-face meeting. HUAWEI IdeaHub also supports remote video conference and collaboration with a 4K HD display screen and an HD camera that automatically tracks the speaker so that they remain at the center of the screen, allowing the conversation to progress smoothly without needing to manually adjust the camera.

Beyond bringing families closer together, HUAWEI IdeaHub is also ideal for keeping long-distance romance strong, exemplified by this couple who, despite being located in Thailand and in China, unable to travel to see each other, have managed to keep their love strong, by communicating through the interactive smart screen. The couple said that IdeaHub provides excellent communication experience which standard online videocalls are unable to deliver. The smart screen's level of speed and latency enable the couple to share every glimpse of emotions, regardless how far apart they are.

In addition to professional aspect, the pandemic and the limitations triggered by it has highlighted how technologies can be adopted to our 'New Normal' lifestyle. The remote Cloud dinner service and full HD videocall between a couple show how people can maintain relationships and intimacy when they need to be physically distant from their loved ones. HUAWEI, as a technology and innovation company, is committed to delivering new solutions and technological development that caters to people's changing needs and lifestyles.

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