Check Out Great Features on GWM Application Life Has Never Been Easier with Enriched Driving and Lifestyle Experiences

Thursday 09 September 2021 17:09
While mobile applications have already become part of our everyday lives today, brands are integrating innovative features to their mobile apps to meet diverse needs of the consumers. As the "Global Mobility Technology Company", Great Wall Motor (GWM) has developed GWM Application to bring a seamless Online-to-Offline (O2O) experience to the consumers, giving them access to information, news updates, services, activities, and transactions, as well as an online community to share their stories and experiences with a convenient, easy-to-use design that address consumers' needs completely.
Check Out Great Features on GWM Application Life Has Never Been Easier with Enriched Driving and Lifestyle Experiences

A Mobile App That Turns GWM Customer Journey into A Piece of Cake
GWM Application was first released during the 42nd Bangkok International Motor Show in March this year to give customers and interested individuals a convenient channel to access information, news updates, and services from GWM. Following the release, GWM continuously upgrades its application with new features and functionalities to fine-tune to the needs and provide useful information for utmost benefits for the users. In addition to detailed vehicle information, test drive booking, and car purchase, GWM Application is today packed with many other enriching features that will make ownership of a GWM vehicle much easier and more pleasurable.

  • Financial Calculator: Monthly installment calculated at your fingertips
    Making the decision to buy a car may not be an easy journey for everyone: it involves recurring payment that calls for long-term planning. Car buyers often have to contact salespersons at dealerships to get different quotations and installment plans for comparison. Nonetheless, this is going to be a thing of the past. With GWM's One Price policy introduced, customers can check car prices, calculate, and plan their installments conveniently using Financial Calculator feature on GWM Application. It allows users to choose their preferred financial institution and will calculate the down payment and monthly payment for them right away. The results are displayed on the app, including down payment, financing amount, interest rate, and monthly payment based on individual conditions of each user, which enables interested car buyers to get relevant figures and plan their car financing quicker and more conveniently.
  • Remote (Vehicle Telematics): Enrich your experience smartly with vehicle telematics
    Owners of a GWM vehicle can enjoy smarter and more convenient life with Remote feature that enables them to monitor and control their vehicle remotely in real time via GWM Application. Users can check current location of their vehicle, set its usable boundary, and monitor vehicle information for trip readiness and maintenance including fuel level, distance travelled, and tire pressure. It also lets users control their vehicle remotely as if they are physically in the car. They can switch on air-conditioning and adjust the temperature before getting in, lock/unlock the doors, or find their car if they happen to forget where it is parked. Moreover, they can open/close the tailgate, open car windows on all the four doors and the sunroof, freely switch on/off the ventilation system at the front seats and set automatic activation of cabin temperature control system if a predefined temperature is reached. The feature will make vehicle information and control easy for its owner even if they are away from their vehicle.
  • Test Drive and Delivery Satisfaction Survey: Customer satisfaction is most important
    In line with GWM's customer-centric approach to business operations, the Test Drive and Delivery Satisfaction Survey feature on GWM Application lets the customers and interested users send their feedback and evaluate the company's services based on their satisfaction. An evaluation form will be automatically sent to the users on GWM Application right after completing a test drive or car delivery, which is quick and convenient to the users. Their feedback is used to improve the company's operations to ensure delivery of the best products and services with the most impressive experience to the customers.

More Than Just a Car App: GWM Application is Packed with Great Lifestyle Features
Rather than just features and functionalities related to cars and services, GWM Application embraces people's lifestyles, serving as an online community where GWM customers and interested users can share their stories and lifestyle experiences to others.

  • Discover: An online community of interested customers and real users
    The Discover feature on GWM Application ushers in a new era of online community by serving as the space for real car owners and interested individuals to share their stories and updates freely. Users can explore popular posts of each day on the 'Hot' tab that brings together top hit stories to ensure you would not miss out on anything. For news and information updates from GWM, users can check out the 'News' tab. To keep abreast with the latest movements as well as reviews and experiences shared by real users, simply go to the 'Now' tab where contributors also earn one GWM Point for every like given to their post. Moreover, users can stay updated about activities and participate to collect GWM Points on the 'Events' tab to be in the know about special activities from GWM. Visitors can also learn great tips that will fully enrich their experience on GWM Application through this feature.
  • Mall: A wide selection of rewarding gifts to redeem with GWM Points
    Mall is the feature that brings privileges to GWM customers and users of GWM Application without having to own a car. Using GWM Points, they can redeem for rewarding gifts such as home appliances, electronic devices, and many other articles for delivery to their doorstep without incurring shipping cost on them. Moreover, products offered for redemption in this mall change regularly to keep the selection fresh and cover diverse lifestyles and preferences of different users. GWM Application also offers point redemption discounts during the promotional period and shares tips to earn extra GWM Points. For example, users can earn up to ten extra GWM Points daily by checking in the app every day, or they can also earn 50 extra GWM Points each time, up to 2 times per day, for sharing news from GWM Application to other social media different platforms.
  • Friends Get Friends: Unlimited possibility to earn GWM Points by inviting friends to test-drive HAVAL H6
    Friends Get Friends feature offers an exclusive privilege to anyone who invite friends or someone they know to complete a test drive. The inviter immediately earns 2,000 GWM Points while the invitee also earns 200 GWM Points. Additionally, there is also special points for existing owners of the All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV. If the existing car owner persuade friends to purchases the All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV successfully, the inviter earns 30,000 more of GWM Points while the invitee-turn-new-owner also gets 25,000 more of GWM Points. An existing owner can invite as many friends as they wish to keep earning to a limit of 90,000 GWM Points per month. Friends Get Friends is a winning feature for inviters and invitees alike.

GWM has continued to add newly developed features and functionalities to GWM Application to offer convenience and deliver superb products and services while creating an active online community space for people to share their great moments and experiences to others. To download GWM Application, go to Google Play for Android devices or App Store for iOS devices.

Source: GWM Thailand

Check Out Great Features on GWM Application Life Has Never Been Easier with Enriched Driving and Lifestyle Experiences