AIS 5G joins up with 116 networks worldwide "5G Roaming" in 66 countries, Global No. 1 network

Thursday 23 June 2022 16:54
Despite still having to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, many sectors have started to understand the situation and have adapted to live safely with COVID. The tourist industry in particular previously had many restrictive travel measures which sharply curtailed tourist arrivals. This in turn had an impact on associated businesses.
AIS 5G joins up with 116 networks worldwide 5G Roaming in 66 countries, Global No. 1 network

Now, many countries around the world have reopened to tourism again without the need for quarantine. AIS, the leader in digital services, is collaborating with 116 leading roaming partners around the world, to provide "5G Roaming" covering 66 countries in every continent. AIS becomes the number one network provider with the best signal covering the most countries in the world. Customers traveling abroad have the convenience of uninterrupted, glitch-free communications and social media activity, for the reassurance and security of every trip in this new era.

Pratthana Leelapanang, Chief Consumer Business Officer at AIS noted, "As many countries have started to relax their pandemic control measures, this is a positive signal indicating that the situation is returning to the new normal of living with COVID-19. Many businesses have begun to revive the market, particularly travel industry, hotels, and airlines from around the world. They have now started to welcome tourists again. AIS, a digital services provider leading in the international roaming service on the 5G network, has been collaborating over 116 partners in 66 countries. Now, we are prompt to bring the high-quality communications and the excellent digital experiences in every moment of customer lives"

The AIS 5G Roaming service shifts the roaming services to the next level. Customers are enabled the fast speed 5G experience while they are traveling. To fulfill need of tourists and businessperson in most-visited countries around the world including Japan, South Korea, Switzerland and the UK, customers can also enjoy the VoLTE roaming service (Voice over international 4G networks) which provides the crystal-clear call quality at the level of Full HD.

Customers can easily enjoy 5G roaming service by just applying for a value roaming internet package such as Ready2Fly via myAIS application without SIM changing, or buy SIM2Fly, offering Asia & Australia 399 THB for 10 days, or Global 899 THB for 15 days.

"AIS is on a mission of continual improvement, both in terms of digital tech network infrastructure investment ready for future growth, and understanding the market situation. AIS has the insights about diverse and complex customer lifestyle behaviors enabling it to deliver the best experience to every customer segment as the market leader. We expect the 5G Roaming service to meet the needs of our customers. It will provide convenience for traveling abroad during this period, with the quality signal network of this partner collaboration. It has made AIS the only service provider to offer the number one 5G Roaming service, covering the most countries in the world at the present time," concluded Pratthana.

Source: AIS

AIS 5G joins up with 116 networks worldwide 5G Roaming in 66 countries, Global No. 1 network