Mazda unveils NEW MAZDA CX-8 Premium 3-Row Crossover SUV with new design and technology to fulfil the needs of family

Tuesday 26 July 2022 09:42
The premium Crossover SUV market is challenging again when Mazda penetrates the large family car market by introducing the NEW MAZDA CX-8, the premium 3-Row Crossover SUV that comes with the concept, "THE PRECIOUS MOMENTS TOGETHER". This new model has been enhanced with new design, maximum comfortable features and more of the latest technology. Mainly, with an aim to offer the best value-for- money vehicle while price is increased only 20,000 Baht. Mazda offers special deal to increase customer confidence with free 5-year Mazda Care package and Mazda is ready to become a leader in the Crossover SUV market.
Mazda unveils NEW MAZDA CX-8 Premium 3-Row Crossover SUV with new design and technology to fulfil the needs of family

This is the first time in Thailand that Mazda introduce the latest technology that has been firstly equipped in the NEW MAZDA CX-8 to meet the needs of the modern aged family. The exterior design of this model has been upgraded with new front grille and 19" new alloy wheel design. Also, the MRCC with Stop & Go function, Wireless Charger, Hands Free Power Liftgate, Power captain seats (6-Seat) and more of comfortable and safety technology have also equipped to provide comfort and safety. It is the first time that this model comes with new exterior colors; Platinum Quartz and Polymetal Gray while 5 choices of variant are offered together with special deal. Namely, 1.99% interest rate1, free 1-year Mazda Premium Insurance2 and free labor fee and parts for periodic maintenance or 5-year Mazda Care3. The NEW MAZDA CX-8 is now available at Mazda showroom nationwide.

Mr. Tadashi Miura, President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd, said, "The Crossover SUV MAZDA CX-8 is Mazda's flagship model that was unveiled for the time in Thailand in 2019 and it was very popular among customers who are looking for a comfortable car. The positioning of the MAZDA CX-8 was the best premium 3-Row Crossover SUV in the market that was truly developed from passenger car platform. Later in October 2021, further improvements were made by enhancing comfort and safety technology to make the model more complete and also offered the Exclusive 6-Seat gasoline engine with Captain seat to fulfil customers' needs. As a result, the MAZDA CX-8 was received a quick success although it has been launched for only 3 years. Until present, more than 4,349 units of MAZDA CX-8 are in the possession of Thai customers."

"The launch of NEW MAZDA CX-8 today is considered as MAZDA CX-8's third generation with an aim strengthen Mazda's CX-Series family and make this model meet the needs of family customers more precisely. This model has been updated in many aspects namely, the more outstanding appearance from elevating the identity of elegance in accordance with Mazda's design guidelines "KODO design", that conveys the beauty that transcends time under the concept "Less is More" that emphasizes simplicity but beauty. Also, comfortable and safety technology have been fully upgraded since entry model. It is expected that this vehicle will excite all people and can fulfill happiness for all family members." Mr. Tadashi Miura added.

Mr. Thee Permpongpanth, Senior Vice President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd, said, "NEW MAZDA CX-8 unveils with the concept "THE PRECIOUS MOMENTS TOGETHER" to be the premium 3-Row Crossover SUV, offering 6-Seat and 7-Seat choices that represents the image of maturity and perfection that truly fulfil needs of every family member. The target group of this model is multi-member family who is looking for convenient car that is easy for passenger to enter-exit or get on-off, fulfil needs of people in all ages and more versatility that surpasses passenger car."

The unveiling in this time is to upgrade the NEW MAZDA CX-8's 3-Row Crossover SUV. This model's exterior design is upgraded to be in line with new generation of Mazda vehicle with a new front grille design and it is the first time that new exterior colors; Platinum Quartz and Polymetal Gray, have been introduced in this model. Power sunroof is featured to reflect the image of premium luxury style while the interior of the cabin has been decorated with new high-quality materials. For example, the Warm Silver materials that come with Black leather seats or Metal Wood materials that come with Deep Red Nappa leather seats, reflecting more luxury under the concept "KODO design".

NEW MAZDA CX-8 is the premium 3-Row Crossover SUV that is truly developed from passenger car platform to provide smooth and comfort driving experience to all passenger. Three types of interior layout are available in both 3-Row 7-Seat and the new 3-Row 6-Seat which have been upgraded to fulfil the needs of every family member and increase more space for everyone. The 6-Seater model is offered 2 interior layouts to meet boundless lifestyle of each family. First, the Captain seats with center walk-through (6-Seat) and the second is Power captain seats (6-Seat). In addition, the cabin is spacious, comfortable and featured with Front Seat Ventilation that enhance passenger's comfort throughout the journey.  

NEW MAZDA CX-8 has been enhanced the features to deliver comfort and fulfil happiness to all passenger with Mazda Connect that allows driver to stay connected and update all information or receive-send message via Bluetooth on smartphone. This new model also allows passenger to enjoy their digital lifestyle with Wireless Apple CarPlay(R) and Android AutoTM that is connected via smartphone application and displayed on the 8-inch color touch screen Center Display that are performed by Center Commander. In addition, the Wireless Charger and USB has been featured in the third row. Therefore, this model is not only offer comfort, but also an up-to-date car that will be able to fulfil customer's lifestyle.

THE NEW MAZDA CX-8 is available in two engine choices. First, SKYACTIV-D 2.2 Clean Diesel engine (SKYACTIV-D 2.2) that comes with 2 Stages VG Turbo providing maximum 190 horsepower and 450Nm of torque while average fuel economy is 17.5 km/liter* and it is environmentally friendly. Also, Off-Road Traction Assist has been equipped in the i-ACTIV AWD (All-Wheel-Drive) to increase driver's confident in driving. Second, the SKYACTIV-G 2.5 petrol engine (Skyactiv-G 2.5) providing maximum 194 horsepower and 258Nm of torque while average fuel economy is 13.2 km/liter*. Moreover, the GVC Plus, which is one of SKYACTIV-Vehicle Dynamics technology that provides oneness between horse and rider, is equipped since entry variant while a 10-speaker BOSE(R) surround system is featured to enhance passenger joy of driving experience.

*According to UN R101 Combined Mode 

Moreover, the NEW MAZDA CX-8 is full equipped with i-Activsense or advanced safety technology to provide superior safety to all passenger. Namely, Advanced SCBS that helps reduce the chance of accidents from a front collision and the SCBS-R that helps reduce the risk of accidents from collisions while reversing are equipped as standard equipment since entry variant. Moreover, the MRCC with Stop & Go function is introduced for the first time in Thailand by featuring in the NEW MAZDA CX-8 to offer the ability to adjust the speed to maintain a safe distance from the car ahead, and bring the car to a complete stop in traffic and take off again once traffic moves. This function is featured to enhance driver's comfort and reduce fatigue from driving.

The advanced safety technology "i-Activsense" of the NEW MAZDA CX-8 includes,

  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)
  • Smart Brake Support (SBS)
  • Lane-keep Assist System (LAS)
  • Driver Attention Alert (DAA)
  • High Beam Control (HBC)
  • Advanced Blind Spot Monitoring (ABSM)
  • Lane Departure Warning System (LDWA)
  • Adaptive LED Headlamps (ALH)
  • Smart City Brake Support-Reverse (SCBS-R)
  • Advanced Smart City Brake Support (Advanced SCBS)
  • Mazda Radar Cruise Control with Stop & Go (MRCC with Stop & Go)

In addition, the NEW MAZDA CX-8 also adds passenger's peace of mind in every driving situation with Active safety system i.e., 360? View Monitor with camera angle in top view that is displayed on 8-inch Center Display and 4-point Front and 4-point Rear Parking Sensors. In addition, Passive safety system is also included such as 6-airbag; dual front, side and curtain airbags.

NEW MAZDA CX-8 is available is 5 variants to meet the different need of customers. The pricing for the NEW MAZDA CX-8 is as follows;

ModelEngineInterior Package (Seats)Price (Baht)2.5 SSKYACTIV-G 2.57-Seat1,549,0002.5 SPSKYACTIV-G 2.57-Seat1,619,0002.5 SP EXCLUSIVESKYACTIV-G 2.5Captain seats with center walk-through (6-Seat)1,699,000XDLSKYACTIV-D 2.27-Seat1,849,000XDL EXCLUSIVESKYACTIV-D 2.2Power captain seats (6-Seat)2,199,000

NEW MAZDA CX-8 is available in 7 colors. The new colors are Platinum Quartz and Polymetal Gray. In addition, Soul Red Crystal**, Machine Gray**, Jet Black, Deep Crystal Blue and Snowflake White Pearl** are also available.

** Snowflake While Pearl surcharges 10,000 THB
Machine Gray surcharges 15,000 THB
Soul Red Crystal surcharges 17,000 THB

For more information and test drive, please contact sales advisor at Mazda showroom nationwide or Special promotional campaign is offered with 1.99% interest rate1, Free 1-year Mazda Premium Insurance2 and free 5-year Mazda Care maintenance package3, free labor fee and parts throughout 5 years or 100,000 km.


1 25% down payment, 48-month installment payment
2 Insurance company for these campaigns are (1) Viriyah Insurance, (2) Thanachart Insurance (3) Thaivivat Insurance,
(4) Dipaya Insurance
3 5-year Mazda Care or 100,000 km. (whichever comes first)

Additional remark;

  • Condition for credit approval is considered by Tisco Bank Plc. and TMB Thanachart Bank Plc. only.
  • Limited for hire-purchasers who meet the terms and conditions of Tisco Bank Plc. and TMB Thanachart Bank Plc. and reserve and receive vehicle from 25 July - 31 August 2022.

Source: Mazda Sales (Thailand)