A talk with the LINE WEBTOON creator of the hit title 'Boy school' 1 in 3 webtoons that MINNIE (G)I-DLE picked as her character

Tuesday 02 August 2022 17:01
A creator is a role to keep an eye-on. More than simply creating content, a creator also crafts a story that constantly engages with their fans. One interesting role in this field is the LINE WEBTOON creator who tells captivating stories through the No.1 online comic platform in Thailand. Not only is LINE WEBTOON a space that gives opportunities to Thai creators to unleash their imagination and create hit content without limits, it's also a space where creators can sharpen their skills in drawing and writing. A team of staff is supporting young creators to develop their talent so that they can develop their talent to reach a professional level and generate income on the LINE WEBTOON platform. The LINE WEBTOON creator we will be introducing is considered as an important figure who has continuously shared their stories to followers.
A talk with the LINE WEBTOON creator of the hit title 'Boy school' 1 in 3 webtoons that MINNIE (G)I-DLE picked as her character

Today, there are many successful creators on the LINE WEBTOON platform whose popular content has received positive feedback from readers. The same thing could be said for 'Boy school', a Local title with accumulated Page Views over 47M that reached Top 1st on Sales right after its' SS2 Come back as well as Weekly Reader Top 2 by 2 weeks after SS2 Come back. Which has become one of the three webtoons that MINNIE (G)I-DLE selects as her character in her role as the latest presenter for LINE WEBTOON.

Miss Chanikan Kalanin said about her role as a LINE WEBTOON creator that, "I've always been interested in writing comics since I was young. At the same time, my family thinks that writing comics doesn't pay well. It's not a stable career choice. Still, I want to pursue it. I thought that I wanted to make it a career and I wanted to do it well. After people began to like my stories and after I got to know LINE WEBTOON, I started to feel differently. I've already had friends creating content on the LINE WEBTOON platform, which made me interested in it as well. I started researching about it and gave it a shot. Once I did, I got quite good feedback from it.  I uploaded my title for the first time on LINE WEBTOON platform via Canvas and also won the prize on the Contest. Then I got to debut as a creator on LINE WEBTOON Platform last year.

Of course, there were moments when I got negative comments, but I still pushed forward until I fully joined the creators' circle. The positive feedback I got from this title 'Boy School' was totally beyond expectation."

'Boy school' is a Friend Zone love-comedy that follows 'Seen', an ordinary girl who has to live like a boy after her parents prayed to a goddess for her to recover from her illness. The problem is the goddess only helps boys. Hence, Seen's parents had to lie that Seen is a boy. Seen got a strong body back, but at the cost of her having to live like a boy. One day, she gets rich boy 'Way' into an accident and sends him into a hospital. She has to pay him 10 million baht in compensation or, as Way offers, she has to join him at an all-boy school. A fake life of a boy at a school filled with cute guys thus begins! After its launch, the story received positive feedback from followers. The webtoon was chosen to be translated in Taiwan under the name ??????? (hu? y?ng sh?o n? z?i n?n xi?o).

Miss Chanikan Kalanin said being a creator on LINE WEBTOON has changed her mind. From never anticipating she can make a career out of being a writer or a cartoon artist, she now sees this as a channel that can bring her a stable income. Her confidence grew after discussing with the assisting team who explained about the income she could receive. She didn't think this kind of work would enable her to support her family. Basically, creator's episode will be updated once a week on LINE WEBTOON platform for free for users to read. However, for those who want to read the latest episode faster can buy it via fast pass where the creator will get share of profit from it. Together with brand webtoon and various advertisements creates great amount of income for the creator which is definitely a motivating factor that encourages creators to continuously release content and sustain the readers' interest.

She mentioned that LINE WEBTOON has various interesting programs that supports and takes care of their creators such as Free of charge Mental care system, have 1:1 individual Producers supervision per Creator to basically look after everything for the creator, End of Year Party, New Year Gifts and so on.

She concluded that being a creator on LINE WEBTOON has allowed her to improve on different skills, as well as being patient, responsible and punctual to the deadline, and meeting people's expectations. Part of the reasons that got her here was the support of the LINE WEBTOON team who allowed inexperienced artists to publish their works and become famous. The team also helped in promotions, such as making promotional videos or social media posts. There are activities or projects for readers, such as giving free coins when people read the story as another way to draw the traffic of readers. Now, LINE WEBTOON also has a big campaign done in collaboration with MINNIE (G)I-DLE to promote 3 webtoons, one of which is 'Boy school'. She believes that everyone can create interesting content on LINE WEBTOON. Distinct characteristics and techniques play a large role in drawing the interest of readers and making them follow the content. Picking up on viral trends and news can also be used as ideas that can benefit content making in the future.

Source: Chomchaviwan