Netizen Introduces S/4HANA Public Cloud Version Peony,

Monday 16 January 2023 17:12
Netizen Introduces S/4HANA Public Cloud Version Peony, New Technology for Sustainability Transformation, to Cement Confidence in SAP Infrastructure, Signing MoU with Medplast, the Company's 1st Client in Asia and SEA
Netizen Introduces S/4HANA Public Cloud Version Peony,

Netizen Co., Ltd., is a SAP infrastructure provider and software developer for business, asserts its leadership in technology and IT system services by introducing new technologies from SAP Cloud ERP for sustainable business transformation. Netizen recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Medplast Co., Ltd., its first customer in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Founder of Netizen Mr. Kridsada Sathukijchai, Chief Executive Officer of Netizen Mr. Seree Sathukijchai, Chief Operating Officer of Netizen Mr. Weerakarn Tantiphaiboonthana, Managing Director of Medplast Mr. Wirat Uprasit, General Manager of Medplast Mr. Peerapat Ekpoothorn, Chief Operating Officer of SAP South East Asia Mr. Michael Schroeder, and Managing Director of SAP Indochina Mr. Atul Tulli attended the contract signing ceremony of a project to set up SAP S/4HANA Cloud Version Netizen Peony, a new SAP ERP on Cloud ERP. Netizen Co., Ltd., the only Platinum Partner of SAP and member of United VARs in Thailand, has adopted Cloud ERP's processing solutions with its business for efficient organizational development and sustainable internal expansion.

Medplast Managing Director Wiwat Uprasit signed the MoU on the use of SAP S/4HANA Cloud Version Netizen Peony with Mr. Seree Sathukijchai, Chief Executive Officer of Netizen which is the provider of SAP Cloud ERP infrastructure at Netizen Life Center T-One Thong Lor.

This collaboration marks a milestone in SAP ERP. Netizen earlier signed an MoU with PTT Digital to support Thai businesses to use using SAP S/ 4HANA Cloud Public Edition with their work and witnessed the technological adoption yielded results. Medplast is the first Project Success in Thailand and Southeast Asia of Netizen and the first company that has transitioned into complete digital transformation.

This system transformation has been a new strategy of SAP for the past 50 years. The ERP management model will be used across the organization with an application that helps control all operations to ensure efficiency. SAP S/4HANA Cloud Version Netizen Peony is a next-generation enterprise resource planning system in the form of Cloud ERP that enables access anytime anywhere, while maintaining the highest level of system and data security. It also comes with comprehensive functions that allow businesses to integrate their work systems and build standards within the organization. These standards will be applicable to purchase, sales, production, supply chain management, and accounting, helping businesses manage and process data quickly with In-memory Database and Machine Learning.

Benefits of Cloud ERP for business:

  • Responding to the needs of today's businesses and is compatible with changes in work, business expansion, and growth that takes place rapidly.
  • Reducing data loss/leakage and enhancing data security with the use of Cloud as central system.
  • Transforming an organization into a smart one by integrating hybrid, landscape, and cloud solutions that connect various types of data in real time.

For Netizen, which takes part in the implementation of the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Version Netizen Peony system for Medplast, the project will give the company a Smart Factory with reports of data and tasks that can be connected. Company management will be able to access and view data in real time in preparation for growth and expansion in the future.

Mr. Kridsada Sathukijchai, Founder of Netizen Co., Ltd. said "Change for sustainability transformation requires insights into modern technology, strong engagement with stakeholders, application of technology for effective management in the organization, and investment that is tailored to suit each organization. Leading organizations therefore need to consider all-around factors, adjust their organizational management strategies in terms of speed, as well as resize their organization to help them to deal with changes better. Innovation and technology also play an important role in helping organizations grow sustainably."

Mr. Kridsada added that If organizations want to achieve their sustainability goals, they should stick to the management principles as follows:

  1. Building a foundation for sustainability and setting clear vision, strategies, and organizational structure. Gauging performance against sustainability metrics and integrating sustainable development in business.
  2. Taking advantage of digital innovation to drive sustainable results. Obtaining the best results comes from the strategies that integrate sustainability and digital innovation.
  3. Building partnerships that collaborate to achieve sustainability goals. Corporate executives work closely with different parties in the supply chain and develop relationships with various partners. From multilateral organizations to industry groups and consumers, Netizen, as a SAP Cloud ERP infrastructure service provider, is focusing on technological development that helps establish an effective organizational management system for sustainable business growth and a well-being and sustainability transformation business.

About Netizen

Netizen has more than 20 years of experience in SAP ERP infrastructure and related services with the use of best practices in establishing technological foundations for companies in various industries both in Thailand and abroad. Guaranteed by many credentials with the latest one being an award for being a leader in Global Standard Support Package for promptly adapting to SAP Products Cloud and for providing advice and consultation to enhance the potential of corporate clients and help them grow according to plans.

Source: Idea Works Communications