Test Your Compatibility with Friends, Crushes or Lovers This Valentine's Day Using Spotify's Blend Feature

Monday 13 February 2023 08:46
The season of love is finally here! To spice things up this Valentine's Day, Spotify is unveiling a fun way to test your compatibility with loved ones using its personalized playlist experience Blend to celebrate whatever mix-and-match music styles you share.
Test Your Compatibility with Friends, Crushes or Lovers This Valentine's Day Using Spotify's Blend Feature

One of Blend's unique features is 'Taste Match Scores', which compares users' listening preferences and generates a music compatibility score (with 0% confirming "opposites attract" and 100% meaning "perfectly in sync") - and this Valentine's Day, Spotify is breaking these scores down even further by sharing what it reveals about you and your partner's relationship when it comes to music. 

Here's the Blend Guide for Lovers; what your and your partner's Blend Taste Match Score says about your musical compatibility:

  • 0-25% - Relationship Rising: You may not know the latest song that has been added to the queue, but you keep each other in the know, always sharing what's trending.
  • 26-50% - Discovery Duo: Two tunes are better than one when it comes to this duo. You each bring fresh perspectives and sounds to the relationship, always discovering something new.
  • 51-70% - Pass the Aux Pair: You meet in the middle and share a certain "vibe" when it comes to the music that moves you.
  • 71-90% - Made for Us: Your relationship is written in the stars. You both have your faves when it comes to songs and artists, but you're joined by the tracks on repeat.
  • 91-100% - Off the Charts: Nothing can break your bond. You're so in tune with one another, never having to guess what the other is listening to.

Want to uncover your Blend Taste Match Score? Here's how to Blend together:

  1. Go to "Your Library" on Spotify, tap the "+", and click "Blend".
  2. Invite your friend, lover or crush to join the fun. 
  3. Once the invitation has been accepted, Spotify will then create a shared playlist and a personalized taste match score to compare your listening preferences. 
  4. From "Relationship Rising" to "Off the Charts", you and your partner can share your score (and love) loudly and proudly with friends on social media!

To set even more of a romantic mood this Valentine's Day, you can also tune in to Spotify's special edition of คลั่งรัก (Crazy In Love) playlist featuring Thailand's top ten local love tracks, like Violette Wautier's ตั้งแต่มีเธอฉันมีความสุข (This Time) and No One Else's ต่อจากนี้เพลงรักทุกเพลงจะเป็นของเธอเท่านั้น.


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Source: Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Test Your Compatibility with Friends, Crushes or Lovers This Valentine's Day Using Spotify's Blend Feature