Macquarie lists the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index Derivative Warrants in Thailand

Wednesday 08 March 2023 16:27
Macquarie Securities (Thailand) Limited has launched call and put derivative warrants ("DW") over the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index ("HSCEI") on the Stock Exchange of Thailand ("SET"). The DW started trading on SET on Tuesday, 7th March 2023.
Macquarie lists the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index Derivative Warrants in Thailand

The new DWs over the HSCEI join the existing DWs over the Hang Seng Index ("HSI") and Hang Seng TECH Index ("HSTECH"). This makes Macquarie the only issuer in Thailand which offers DWs over the three main indices in Hong Kong. The HSCEI is comprised of mainland Chinese companies listed in Hong Kong. It consists of the 51 largest securities with the highest liquidity from different major industry groups including Information Technology, Finance, Consumer Discretionary and Energy for instance.

Macquarie is the first issuer of foreign index and stock DWs in Thailand. Macquarie continues to expand its DW coverage in Thailand with new product choices. Currently it is the largest DW issuer over foreign underlyings by sales and number of underlying coverages. We cover around 29 foreign underlyings, including 3 main Hong Kong indices (HSI, HSTECH and HSCEI), 3 US indices (NASDAQ-100 Index, Dow Jones Industrial Average Index and S&P 500 Index) and 23 listed Hong Kong shares.

"DWs over foreign underlyings have been the fastest growing segment of the Thailand DW market in the last year. Our aim is to provide more underlying choices to meet the growing demand. Adding HSCEI allows Thai investors to gain an exposure to the largest Chinese companies listed in Hong Kong such as Tencent, Meituan, Alibaba, China Construction Bank and Our HSCEI DW has both call and put so investor can trade in both up and down directional movements," said Dean Herbert, Head of Listed Product Distribution, Asia, Macquarie's Commodities and Global Markets.

"DW over Hang Seng China Enterprises Index issued by Macquarie Securities (Thailand) Limited offers an alternative for Thai investors to access listed Chinese companies traded on Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Macquarie Securities is one of SET's partners which continually develops and provides new DW products to the Thai market." said Dr. Rinjai Chakornpipat, Senior Executive Vice President, Head of Market Division, The Stock Exchange of Thailand.

"The launch of HSCEI DWs comes at an opportune time for Thai investors as Chinese companies are leading the global equity markets rebound and investor interest for big cap Chinese companies which continued to rally in the recent months. With the high volatility in Chinese stocks, trading opportunities in the HSCEI index will be bountiful and we expect the HSCEI DWs to be as attractive as the HSI DWs in Thailand. Trading HSCEI DWs allows investor to gain leverage and can be convenient. Investors can execute the orders through their existing trading account," added Noppadon Duangthipnest, Head of Derivative Products, Thailand, Macquarie's Commodities and Global Markets.

Adding to their suite of DWs over foreign indices, the HSCEI DWs will track the movement in the relevant futures over the HSCEI index, with the market making hours being 3 sessions between 10.00 AM - 11.00 AM, 12.00 PM - 3.30 PM and 4.15 PM - 4.30 PM.

On its website, Macquarie provides tools for investors to make their trading HSCEI DW easy. Investors can find the price matrix which shows the bid price of market maker compared with the futures level of HSCEI. There are some other useful tools such as daily technical analysis and foreign exchange holiday calendar. For more information on Macquarie's DWs and tools, please refer to

DW NameDW TypeExercise LevelExpiry DateHSCEI28C2305ACall7,9002 Jun 23HSCEI28C2305BCall6,9002 Jun 23HSCEI28P2305APut6,6002 Jun 23HSCEI28P2305BPut5,6002 Jun 23

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Macquarie is the leading DW issuer in Asia, with a presence in five DW markets across the region. Macquarie has product offerings in Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. They attribute much of their success to a strong reputation for providing high quality and transparent market making. The Live Matrix tool, available on their website, provides greater transparency to investors as investors can clearly see where the DW bid prices will be at various levels of the underlying.

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Source: Macquarie Securities (Thailand)