DECOR+, The Most Special Art Auction Where Precious Art Meets Luxurious Furniture

Wednesday 17 May 2023 10:06
DECOR+, The Most Special Art Auction Where Precious Art Meets Luxurious Furniture

If you are one of Thailand's art lovers and home decor enthusiasts, DECOR+ is the event not to be missed!

The Art Auction Center (TAAC), Thailand's leading auction house, is gearing up for an exclusive art auction 'DECOR+' on 20 May, 2023 at 2 pm, at River City Bangkok. DECOR+ is an auction that brings the works of well-known domestic and international artists from generation to generation to the public. All the pieces are displayed with luxurious furniture brands imported and distributed by DMHome which manages world-class brands such as Bottega Veneta, Fendi Casa, Kartell, Missoni Home, Ralph Lauren Home, Trussardi Casa, Roberto Cavalli Home and Gianfranco Ferre Home in Thailand.

DMHome turns the event space into living spaces and showcases art pieces in rooms as if they are displayed at home, to present some interior ideas for collectors and potential bidders.

Because decorating a living space is not just putting each piece of furniture together for daily functions, but also crafting a comfort zone with beauty and elegance that is true to the home owners' tastes and right fit for each corner. Art, therefore, is no longer just items that fulfill the owners' collections, but also items that reflect the styles and the furniture in the rooms.

Piriya Vachajitpan, Director and Co-founder of The Art Auction Center, and also the Director and Founder of the Art Auction Center, expresses that the right art pieces can go along with furniture and home accessories seamlessly and enhance the mood and tone in every corner of the living space perfectly. At the same time, art can also enhance the level of satisfaction and add value to the living spaces.

"Every time we organize an auction, we see new groups of bidders. The next generation of art appreciators are paying more and more attention to this kind of events, widening the art market, lessening the average age of the art collectors in general.

"Besides, we find that interior designers are interested in art more than expected. This group of people always wants to explore the art of putting together art pieces in a space to be able to suggest the designs to their customers. Furniture are key factors in home decorating, but art pieces and home accessories are equally important.

"Collectors attending art auctions may not have selected any works by any artists prior to the event, but try to look for something suitable for their own living spaces. This is where The Art Auction Center comes in, in terms of pre-selecting the quality and value of each work, so the bidders can just single out what they look for without having to research for each art piece's history.

"An art auction is still an event which welcomes newcomers all the time. Some may just want to start collecting, some may want accessories for their homes. Collecting arts can begin with a few pieces. But when 'the power of art' really takes effect, buyers will eventually learn more about art, buy more and become collectors."

DECOR+ Art Auction gathers well-known pieces from well-known artists with various styles, from contemporary to classic, from abstract to realism, as well as every style of art in-between, for buyers and bidders of all tastes.

Be our guests and enjoy the richness of these 156 art pieces, displayed with furniture from DMHome that divided into rooms. The rooms are:

The Balcony Bliss is a section of a room that overlooks view from outside. The art in this room is mainly the landscape type or nature-related. The next ones are the Classic Corner, the Hall of Honor, the Aurum Atrium, the Serene Suite, the Endless Imagination and the Play Pal.

One of the highlights from this event is a collection of the earlier pieces of Chuang Moolpinit, the legendary artist who is also hailed and titled as Thailand's national artist of the year 2013. The earlier works are surrealist oil paintings that show a different persona compared to the later works known to admirer these days.

Also showcased are some rare works of the late Sawasdi Tantisuk before he got into abstract entirely. The works themselves were inspired by Cubism, an art movement, during his study in Italy.

Thawan Duchanee's works are unique and known for the reduction of colors, used only black, white, red and gold. The main characters in his works are usually animals and monsters with claws and fangs. For the piece in this auction event, it is an oil painting with gold leaves on the color red.

The rare earlier work of Kamol Tassananchalee's is another highlight of the event. Being placed in the corner along with accessories and furniture, the piece stands out perfectly.

The crayon-on-paper work from Chalermchai Kositpipat included in this event is a draft palace-like temple that ended up being constructed as Wat Rong Khun, the White Temple, in the province of Chiang Rai.

Basuki Abdullah, an artist from Indonesia, was invited to Thailand to be a royal court painter for King Rama 9 and was called for service in various occasions for government buildings, public spaces and world-renown museums.

In the Play Pal zone, the space is full of the up and coming, rising-star artists whose works are vibrant and colorful. The works displayed also include art toys, which have been very popular in the art world recently.

Gongkan's work reflects the state of pollutions in this world, both environmental pollutions and mental pollutions, which need to be managed.

Pex is a pop art Thai artist that is on the rise internationally very fast. His character is called Mari, a little girl with big eyes. This piece featured in the auction reflects a child's need for adult's protection, against a lonely background, which begs the audience to think further about it.

Molly is the first and only Thai artist that has an opportunity to sign and produce art toys with POP MART. Her famous character is 'Crybaby' which has a massive fanbase in China. The most eye-catching feature of the character is the tears. The inspiration behind that is that the artist wanted to show how tears can represent not only sadness, but also happiness. Tears are common. Tears can happen to anyone.

Muebon, one of the first and the most prominent street artists in Thailand, has been showing his works in many countries. His bronze sculpture featured in this event is a smaller version of the 3-meter sculpture. Also featured is a widely-celebrated painting that was previously displayed during his solo exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.

Moreover, the works included in DECOR+ are also from the famous artists such as Alex Face, 2Choey, Benzilla and many more from Thailand, as well as international artists like Yoshitomo Nara and Todd James.

The DECOR+ Art Auction will take place on Saturday 20 May, 2023, at 2 pm. The exhibition that showcases the lots featured in this event will be available for public view during 13 - 19 May, 2023, 11 am to 8 pm at RCB Galleria 2, River City Bangkok.

The DECOR+ Art Auction is for all art lovers and interior designers, as well as home decor enthusiasts. Don't miss this special event where art meets home decor.

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