Savour a Visual and Gustatory Spectrum of Colours Afternoon Tea Treat at Avani Sukhumvit Bangkok

Wednesday 24 May 2023 09:36
From June to July this year Avani Sukhumvit Bangkok is picking up their culinary paintbrush and crafting an afternoon tea that is as appetising to the eye as it is to the mouth. Along with the summer rain comes the opportunity to spot a rainbow from the panoramic terrace of the Greenhouse Restaurant and Bar. But if the sky doesn't provide one, the kitchen can. Avani Sukhumvit's accomplished Pastry Chef is ready to supply a colourful feast of their own making. In the spirit of diversity no colour is overlooked. Novel twists on traditional desserts and spiced up takes on savoury bites skyrocket this indulgent afternoon tea to another level.
Savour a Visual and Gustatory Spectrum of Colours Afternoon Tea Treat at Avani Sukhumvit Bangkok

For 700++ THB per couple every day between noon - 4 p.m., an unexpected yet inclusive culinary journey awaits. Tastefully arranged layers of bite size delicacies flow upwards from savoury snacks at the base to sweet treats at the top of the porcelain pedestal. Paired with a specially brewed cup of Or Tea? there is a flavour to be found to match every combination of the mouth-watering nibbles.

Each diner's experience is assured to be unique with the potential to combine sweet, savoury, Eastern and Western delicacies in so many different ways. Stick to the pattern of the rainbow and start with a Red Velvet Cake or alternatively mix it up and indulge in a luxurious Matcha Chocolate Truffle or Thai Tea Eclair to accompany a steaming cup of tea.

The taste explosion of a Miang Pla's Betel Leaf Wrapped Seabass might be followed with astonishing success by the chef's distinct take on Mac'n Cheese Bacon Croquettes. There's no combination in this set that doesn't compliment the other. While every element is independently delightful, it is in the merging of the flavours that this afternoon tea really shines.The month of June is the perfect time to accept and celebrate the diversity that our world has to offer. So when teatime strikes, beeline for the stylish surroundings of Avani Sukhumvit's Greenhouse restaurant to indulge in a colourful feast that's almost too pretty to eat.

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Source: Avani Sukhumvit Bangkok Hotel