OR embarks on novel sustainable investment of PTT Station and Cafe Amazon in CLV markets

Wednesday 06 September 2023 15:49
For over two decades, the novel network of lifestyle destination-cum-fuel station known as "PTT Station" and flagship "Cafe Amazon" chain have been well spread and widely accepted by consumers across Asia. Though the unique international business franchise system and strategic partnership, the international business of Thailand's leading oil and retail company PTT Oil and Retail Business Plc. (OR) has continued to accumulate a robust growth as seen through its growing global presence, now reaching 11 countries worldwide.

In tandem with the pace of global business recovery in second half of 2023, OR has earmarked USD 900 million investment for franchising up to new 100 branches of PTT Station, 400 branches of Cafe Amazon and 500 EV charging stations (EV Station PluZ) in Thailand and Asia.

During the past 5 years CLV (Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam) subregion is among Asia's fastest-growing economic territories that appeals to foreign direct investment from Thailand and all over the world, thanks to the economic advancement, growing domestic market, spreading urbanization and free-trade agreements (bilateral and multilateral FTAs) with major trade partners.

Cambodia is currently revitalizing its economy by capturing emerging opportunities in line with global trends by focusing on enhancing the business sector and investing in infrastructure that supports higher-quality growth.

OR's business in Cambodia started in 1995 and marked the company's first entry into international market. The country is OR's largest oversea market where it operates over 160 PTT Station branches and over 230 Cafe Amazon branches nationwide, as well as aviation fuels and other businesses with product and service offerings localized to meet local consumer preference. Recently OR also launched 2 EV Station PluZ at PTT Station in Cambodia.

"International business expansion is a pivotal part of OR's next pursuit to become a leading provider of mobility solutions and lifestyle offerings in the global arena," said OR Senior Executive Vice President, Global Business Racha U-thaichan. "We are always seeking new M&A and joint venture opportunities with international partners, especially in CLV markets where we already had well-established business."

"PTT Station in Cambodia has been widely recognized by consumers as a favourite lifestyle destination. Similarly, Cafe Amazon branches have become popular gathering places for frequent socializing and meetings while relaxing in a great ambiance," added Racha.

Recently, OR joined force with K-nex Corporation, Thailand's leading laundromat service provider, to launch "Otteri Wash and Dry" branch in Chbar Ampov PTT Station in Phnom Penh, offering 24-hour self-service washing machines and dryers together with free WiFi, with plan to open 3 more branches in Cambodia within 2023.

With over 10 years of business in Laos, OR now has over 50 PTT Station branches and more than 80 Cafe Amazon outlets in the country.

As a strategic transit hub connecting the regional markets with integrated transport infrastructures, Laos is currently accelerating its economic development from cross-border trade, manufacturing, tourism and new investments.

PTT Station is a mobility and convenience hub of choice for many local consumers. Likewise, Cafe Amazon is a favorite everyday destination where they can take time to relax in a green oasis of ambiance and enjoy a wide variety of coffee drinks and beverages. OR also planned to launch EV charging station in Laos in the near future.

Meanwhile, Vietnam is expected to resume rapid economic growth over the medium-term economic outlook, as a key beneficiary of the shift in global manufacturing supply chains towards competitive Southeast Asian manufacturing hubs.

Coffee is an important part of Vietnamese life, and the country's coffee market has grown exponentially over the past decade. With rapidly growing middle-class population, more and more Vietnamese people have disposable income to spend on luxuries like gourmet coffee. This growing demand has led to an increase in specialty coffee shops and a proliferation of instant coffees and other packaged coffees targeting the middle-class consumer.

Cafe Amazon, with over 20 branches in Vietnam's several major cities has enjoyed a warm welcome from Vietnamese consumers since it first entered the country in 2020.  

As of July 2023, OR operated over 2,500 branches of PTT Station across Asia, as well as Cafe Amazon, now the world's sixth largest coffeehouse chain by number of outlets with more than 4,300 branches worldwide and over 380 million cups of beverage sold each year.  

"Looking forward, we will continue to strengthen our presence in more and more countries through business diversification and partnership as well as identifying growth opportunities through new investments across diverse industries," concluded Racha.

Source:  PTT Oil and Retail Business Plc. (OR)