Casarte celebrates its 1st anniversary with "Master of Living Art" theme, focusing on the artistic aspect of electrical appliances

Monday 11 September 2023 12:08
Bangkok, Thailand: Casarte, a luxury home appliance brand, celebrated its first anniversary with a theme of 'Master of Living Art' at an event on 1 September 2023  at Jim Thomson Art Center.
Casarte celebrates its 1st anniversary with Master of Living Art theme, focusing on the artistic aspect of electrical appliances

The event narrated stories connected to Casarte, a brand renowned for harmonising art and design with contemporary living. It showcased the brand's history, gaining extensive acclaim and popularity in the home art and design sphere. Furthermore, Casarte's marketing strategy was unveiled, emphasising the delivery of products with distinctive value to Thai consumers and the brand's product development objectives for 2023.

Since 2006, when Casarte embarked on its journey with the inspiration and concept of "Refined Living," it has aimed to deliver perfection in every aspect. The brand has consistently offered a wide range of excellent home appliance products to cater to users' evolving needs over the years. 

Additionally, it has seamlessly integrated cutting-edge technology with artistry in its electrical products, ushering in a new dimension of living. This approach has positioned Casarte as a leader in the high-end appliance market, beloved by over ten million families worldwide. Furthermore, it holds a prominent status as a top-ranking brand in China's high-end home appliances market.

Casarte made its debut in Thailand in 2022. During the brand's 1st-anniversary celebration in the country, Mr. Zhang Zhenghui, CEO of Haier Southeast Asia, emphasised that "Flawless Perfection" embodies the spirit and purpose of the Casarte brand in serving consumers in Thailand. 

Master of Living Art has been held over eight times globally since 2015. Casarte is not just a high-end home appliance brand; it represents a fusion of "technology, refinement, and art" to enhance the convenience and quality of users' lives.

Casarte received the honour of hosting esteemed guests during the event, including Ms. Saivipa Patpongpibul, Executive Director of P49 Design and Associates Company Limited, Ms. Rinlada Na Chiang Mai, Assistant Curator of the Jim Thomson Art Center, and Ms. Bing Han, a renowned music artist. Each shared insights on lifestyle ideas centred around convenience and value in daily life, highlighting how Casarte products play a pivotal role in creating a more convenient and comfortable living experience. Casarte products go beyond aesthetics and design; they are a form of art integrated into homes, enhancing the overall value for families.

In addition to these three guests, the event featured two special guests: Ms Aerin Yuktadatta, an artist and actor, and Chef Chumpol Jangprai, a Thai culinary expert with two Michelin stars, who shared captivating stories about their lifestyles.

Chef Chumpol has prepared a special surprise, infusing the art of home from Casarte into an exclusive menu to provide an unforgettable experience for the esteemed guests at the event. Top Michelin star chefs meticulously crafted each dish, uniquely reflecting Casarte's image. To ensure that the honoured guests fully appreciate the aesthetics and flavours of this exceptional menu, the event also featured the delightful music of the talented artist Bing Han. In addition, the event was graced by the presence of Khun Tor Saksit Vejsupaporn, an artist and pianist, who added an extra layer of happiness and aesthetics to the experience for the esteemed guests in attendance.

Casarte places paramount importance on advancing innovation and design in home electrical products. Operating under the concept aimed at enhancing the value and modernity in the lives of users in Thailand, for every household, the goal is to instill balance and happiness daily. Casarte's high-end home appliance products transcend mere functional devices; they inspire, fostering convenience and joy in people's lifestyles. 

In 2023, Casarte remained steadfast in its commitment to continuous innovation in the design and development of home electrical appliances. The objective is to meet the diverse needs and lifestyles of every family, ensuring happiness and perfection in daily life. In line with the Casarte Master of Living concept, this enduring commitment is poised to be the ultimate and flawless embodiment of a fulfilling life.

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